It Turns Out That Your Child’s Obsession With Dinosaurs Can Raise Their Intelligence

Most of us probably know a kid who knows everything about dinosaurs. They’ve read tons of books about them, they know every species, and they love The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park. Their parents have to drag them out of any museum’s paleontology section, because they just can’t get enough. And their pajamas almost definitely have dinosaurs on them!

We at Bright Side are also dinosaur fans, and we’re fascinated with children’s interest in them. So we can’t wait to tell you more about this!

It’s not just dinosaurs…

This fascination with dinosaurs is what scientists call an “intense interest.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be dinosaurs, just some topic that they’re highly motivated to dig deeper and deeper into and in which they are incredibly knowledgeable.

For example, among other topics that children can get obsessed with are cars, airplanes, birds, and insects. A lot of children between 2 and 6 years old develop an intense interest in something at some point.

Why this interest is so great

Your child’s dinosaur obsession actually has a lot of benefits for them. Not only do they become more knowledgeable in their favorite subject, but their persistence also increases and their attention becomes better.

Children with these so-called “conceptual interests” also tend to be highly verbal. These interests make them want to ask questions and try to find the answers on their own in books, videos, and other sources. And that promotes critical thinking and helps increase their ability to learn skills, both before and after transitioning to school.

How long this dinosaur phase lasts

Unfortunately, this passion will most likely disappear from your child’s life as they grow older. These obsessions usually only last between 6 months and 3 years. Only few will preserve this passion in their teenage and adult years. It will become especially clear when they start going to school.

One reason your child might abandon their interests is because of their new school friends. They might have completely different interests, and your child will probably want to be like everyone else and do the things that their classmates do. Or they might just realize that there are other things that can fascinate and entertain them.

Another reason is the school curriculum. It most likely won’t include your child’s topic of interest because it’s just too narrow, and more time will be dedicated to completely different subjects. And at home there might be very little time left because of the amount of homework.

What were you obsessed with in childhood? How long did it last? We`d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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