A Cinema in Texas Wants You to Bring Your Doggo and Enjoy Movies Together

A cozy cinema theater where you can watch your favorite movie while hugging your pup is a heavenly idea for many dog owners. The team from K9 Cinemas are real wizards who make it all possible, and visiting this place is a good reason to grab your fluffy doggo and rush to Texas.

Here at Bright Side we fell in love with the idea of going to the movies with our pets, and we wonder if you share our excitement!

The world’s first dog-friendly theater, K9 Cinemas, opened in Plano, Texas in 2018. There’s a limited number of tickets sold for each show, so there’s always enough space for people and doggos. A $15 entry ticket for one person and 2 dogs includes free drinks and an enjoyable movie for pets and their humans.

While you’re enjoying your drink, your pup can get a tasty treat. Just look at these happy faces! “Because movies and puppies, duh!” says the motto of K9 Cinemas.

K9 Cinemas shows only classic movies. To keep their wonderful movie theater tidy and safe for everyone, the team expects you to clean the place up after your pet and bring records from your vet to your first visit.

The idea for the dog-friendly cinema belongs to Eric Lankford who moved to Dallas from Indianapolis and realized he was now in the perfect place for dog lovers. Eric has an Australian Eskimo puppy named Bear, and you can see them at K9 Cinemas in the pic below.

It looks like this cinema is a pure joy for both people and dogs, and the lovely pics visitors keep sharing on their social media prove it better than words.

Would you like to take your dog or cat to the movies? What do you think of pet-friendly public places?

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