25 Little-Known Facts That Will Make You Question Reality

Peanut butter can become diamonds, geckos drink water from their own eyes, and baby koalas eat their mom`s poop. The world keeps on surprising us with insanely weird facts that give us the heebie-jeebies. And there`s still so much more to learn!

Here at Bright Side we were so intrigued by these facts, that we just couldn’t help but share them with our readers. So go ahead and scroll down, you can thank us later.

  • In Singapore, if you connect to someone’s WiFi without a permission, you can be punished with 3 years of imprisonment.
  • Peanut butter can be turned into diamonds (due to the high level of carbons).
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of nutmeg can be toxic, or even deadly, for people.

  • Horses can’t throw up. They have a strong valve muscle, which makes vomiting impossible.
  • Excessive drinking of grape soda will make your poop turn blue.
  • It takes a lifetime for a dozen bees to make a teaspoon of honey.
  • Trailers used to be shown after movies, instead of before. That explains the word — they “trailed” the main picture.

  • Cows moo in different accents.
  • The Easter Island heads actually have bodies.
  • Cows that have a name produce 258 more liters of milk than those that have no name.

Do you have any surprising facts that we could add to this list? We would be glad to read them in the comments section below!

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