Motorola Razr orders open in UK ahead of release date

Pre-orders for the revamped Motorola Razr have opened in the UK, two weeks ahead of its expected release date.

The clamshell-style smartphone is a reimagining of the firm’s iconic Razr flip phone, first released in the early 2000s.

Motorola unveiled the device in November, joining a trend of other manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung in building foldable handsets.

It was due to go on sale at the end of December before being delayed, but Motorola has confirmed it can now be pre-ordered exclusively through network operator EE.

However, a full UK release date or arrival date for those who do pre-order has not yet been confirmed. In the US, the date has been set for 6 February.

The phone will be available on a number of 4G plans, according to Motorola and EE, including 60GB of data on a £99-a-month, 24-month plan and a £50 upfront fee.

The reinvented Razr has a 6.2in screen which folds in half to shut in the same way as older clamshell handsets.

When closed, it also has a 2.7in Quick View Display on which users can view and respond to notifications.

Critics have been split on the device, with many praising its nostalgic value but suggesting it fails to match other premium smartphones in specifications and performance.

Motorola’s reboot of iconic Razr folding phone

At the time of its unveiling, mobiles expert Ru Bhikha, from, said its return would create a “massive buzz”, but that “without the specifications of its high-end rivals… it could be accused of being all style and no substance”.

Foldable smartphones are expected to become increasingly prominent in 2020, with Samsung widely reported to be planning to unveil at least one new foldable screen device during the year.

A number of other concept foldable devices – including a flexible screen laptop made by Lenovo – were on show at technology trade event CES earlier this month.

All of the handsets attract a premium price, though the Motorola Razr is among the cheapest to offer a bendable display.

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