The truth behind Dolly Parton’s theme park

An amusement park requires lots of people and lots of technology, and as neither man nor machine is perfect, there are going to be some mistakes. And mistakes at a theme park means there’s a chance for serious injury. It’s par for the course, but people have reportedly gotten themselves seriously hurt at Dollywood on occasion. 

According to TMZ, in December 2018, a female guest of the park boarded a bus-like trolley to take a ride back from the amusement park to her lodgings at the DreamMore Resort at the end of the day. However, the woman attests that the conditions weren’t great, with fog, rain, and darkness combining to make for a windshield that was difficult for the driver to see out of … and then he slammed into a concrete pole that he didn’t see. The woman sued, and according to her filings, she and five other riders experienced injuries, which were treated at a local medical center. (Another victim sued in 2019, alleging that the trolley driver was drunk at the time of the incident.)

However, Dollywood’s lawyers were busy with another suit over a different mishap in 2018. Per TMZ, a woman served papers after claiming she endured a compression fracture and other injuries to her spine after something went wrong on the RiverRush Water Coaster at Splash Country. The woman was “propelled off the seat and she then fell down into the raft, striking her spine on the hard surface.” Which, yeah, doesn’t sound like a fun day at the park.

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