The calmest dog breed in the world

You might be tempted to think that the Basset Hound, the droopy low-rider of the canine world, seems like a sure-fire selection for the “calmest dog” award. Indeed, the breed makes the AKC list, but it does have an independent, difficult-to-train streak that may counteract the calmness. The same applies for the tiny Pekingese, which is quite calm, but also requires you to “earn its respect,” which seems like the exact opposite of chill. An assortment of spaniels also make the AKC list, but their calmness factor is somewhat undermined by the fact that they tend to “thrive” on exercise, hunting and/or training.

Meanwhile, the long-coated Bergamasco Sheepdog and the muscular Boerboel are calm enough, but in a “terrifyingly large man standing quietly in the corner” kind of way: The former can be wary around strangers, and the latter specifically isn’t recommended for inexperienced owners. Meanwhile, a Saint Bernard’s considerable mass is only matched by its genuine kindness and gentleness … at least, until you read to the part where it says that the breed might just knock people over with their sheer size. And so, our search continues. 

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