Musicians who lost it on live TV

In 2018, Lindsay Lohan (yeah, she had a singing career once) attempted to “save” two children who she thought to be homeless, and then later suspected of being the victims of child trafficking, and documented the whole thing via Instagram. 

While in Moscow, Lohan, traveling via private transport, saw a family of four people sleeping on the sidewalk and decided to swoop in and “save the day.” Believing the family to be Syrian refugees, she infiltrated their makeshift camp, addressing them in a mixture of English, Arabic, and complete nonsense, while their polite stares quickly turned to familial laughter in a “who the hell is this crazy lady” sort of way. She pleads with the parents of the children to let her take them to a hotel for a night and, after a few minutes of this, the family understandably gets up and walks away, with Lohan trailing after in pursuit, yelling about child trafficking, and shouting out “don’t f**k with Pakistan.” After seeing Lohan grab one of the kids, the  mother punches her, sending her crying to the ground, all of which is also caught on the Instagram live broadcast. Interesting to note that upon the moment of impact, Lohan’s unidentifiable accent reverts 100 percent back to modern day English. 

TMZ later reported on the event extensively, and said that after seeing the video her friends became concerned for her mental health, and pleaded for Lohan to return to the States to receive proper care. 

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