Where Is ‘Cheer’s La’Darius Marshall Now? Navarro Was Just The Beginning

Now that he’s “stumbled” his way into fans’ hearts, many are clamoring for an update on what La’Darius Marshall from Cheer is doing in 2020. When the six-episode Netflix docuseries, which follows the competitive cheerleaders of Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, concluded, senior squad member Marshall was coaching at Florida’s Zero Gravity Athletics. He admitted at the time that he didn’t know what was next for him. What he was sure of, however, was that he never wants “to struggle again” and saw himself having a family and the house he “always dreamed of” with a financially comfortable lifestyle.

As explained in the series, opportunities for cheerleading post college are scarce. So, for Marshall, possible future career paths he mentioned in the Cheer Season 1 epilogue included personal training, choreographing, or, “if all else fails,” enlisting in the Unites States Army or Air Force for the stability he says it could provide him. (The Navy and Marines are a no-go for him, however, because he doesn’t “do water.”) He further explained: “It’s about what I can do for my future and what I can do for my country because I love America so much, and it would teach me to be more disciplined.”

Since then, it’s unclear which path he has taken, but Marshall’s Instagram account seems to indicate that he now lives in Jackson, Mississippi. In his IG bio, the talented “stumbler” (or performer of stunts and tumbling) describes himself as a “Cheerleader turned Public Figure,” so even though he’s hung up his Navarro uniform, it’s entirely possible he doesn’t intend to give up his place in the spotlight. After all, pre Cheer fame, Marshall was already a viral sensation for a spirited 2018 game time routine.

In a Dec. 6 Instagram post, he reflected on the lessons he learned in 2019, a year, he wrote, that was responsible for “destroying” him, yet “strengthening” him, as well as bringing him “closer to God.” He added that 2020 “will be full of blessings in Mississippi” and that he couldn’t wait to see where God directs him.

“I’m on this path alone but I have great people in my life,” he captioned the photo of himself. “Letting Go of my past, healing from my past, and building for my future. Cheers to the athletes who have faced trials and tribulations this year because you’re stronger than you ever thought. Don’t give up because your time is coming.”

Marshall has said he remains thankful for both Netflix and coach Monica Aldama, and who could blame him? It seems that Cheer is only the beginning of a bright future ahead.

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