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The country is expected to be hit by large amounts of snow and ice overnight. A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Met Office for snow and ice for much of the north, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, the rest of the UK including the midlands, the entirety of southern England and Wales should miss the snow and will largely remain dry with occasional cloud cover.

The warnings currently issued are in place from Sunday 10pm until 10am on Monday morning.

People are being warned of potential travel disruption as a result of the snow and ice, especially on isolated and untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

The Met Office has also warned of injuries resulting from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Those venturing out should be especially weary of black ice, sometimes called clear ice – a thin coating of glaze ice on a surface, yet transparent, meaning those crossing it often do so unaware of the dangers.

In Scotland, residents are being told to brace for snow, while showers in other regions will increasingly turn wintry overnight.

On Sunday night, hill snow moving eastwards is expected to bring travel disruption in time for morning commutes in Scotland and the borderlands’.

As far as snow is concerned, although the north and Northern Ireland will be hit, Scotland is expected to be worst hit by the wintry weather.

JUST INUK weather forecast: Snow set to pummel freezing UK

“With surface temperatures falling below freezing some icy stretches are likely to form, mainly on rural routes and untreated surfaces.

“Some further rain overnight may bring an increased risk of icy stretches for Monday morning.”

Northern Ireland will also see a “fragmenting band of rain, and hill snow will cross from the west during Sunday evening”.

As the early hours go into the later morning, temperatures will maintain their brisk chill, with icy patches remaining.

Conditions are set to stay much the same throughout the week, with the elements of strong winds and gales continuing.

Spells of rain will also hit, potentially making for some further dangerous conditions as temperatures plunge and rainfall freezes over.

There are, however, yet to be any weather warnings issued for the rest of the week.

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