UK threatens to walk away from EU talks ’We don’t NEED to do trade deal’ | UK | News

Boris Johnson committed to not requesting an extension of the transition period, with the Prime Minister set to say in a speech on Monday he is ready to see trade talks with the EU collapse rather than postponed the end of the process again. And Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak claimed the UK does not actually require to strike and agreement due to the “range of options” available to the government. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Sunak said: “We don’t need to get a deal.

“We have left, we can trade…there are lots of different ways countries trade with each other.

“We trade with lots of countries around the world, the EU trades with lots of countries around the world.”

“They trade with some countries as part of the customs union, they trade with other countries like Canada through a free trade agreement and they trade with countries like Australia through specific little agreements.”

Mr Sunak added: “There are a range of options we can pursue.”

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