Two drunk thugs threatened to kill Arsenal star Mesut Ozil, court told

Two thugs threatened to kill Premier League footballer Mesut Ozil and his security guard outside the Arsenal star’s £9million North London home, a court heard today.

The incident allegedly happened shortly after the £300,000-a-week midfielder stepped up security at his mansion following a terrifying attack on his car.

Ferhat Ercun and Salaman Ekinci, both 27, deny using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour to harass security guard Kemil Sezer last August.

Ferhat Ercun outside Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court today

Salaman Ekinci outside Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court today

Ferhat Ercun (left) and Salaman Ekinci (right, pictured outside Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court today) deny using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour to harass a security guard

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil waves as he arrives for the Premier League match at Turf Moor against Burnley on Sunday

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil waves as he arrives for the Premier League match at Turf Moor against Burnley on Sunday

The two defendants are accused of swearing in Turkish at the guard as well as saying they would have sex with his mother and the footballer’s mother.

Sarah Gabay, prosecuting, told Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court that Mr Sezer had been working outside the footballer’s mansion with another guard, Saadant Guldiken, on August 8 last year.

She said: ‘It is the Crown’s case that at 8pm that evening, the defendants were spotted walking past. Mr Guldiken’s attention was drawn to them. 

‘One of them was staring at them. There was a conversation and the defendants walked off. At 10.35pm later that night, the complainant and the other guard were in a car outside the address.

‘Both defendants were swearing at security guards and using abusive language against Mr Ozil. Mr Ercun further said he would come back in five minutes to kill the security guards and also Mr Ozil. 

‘The defendants then ran down the road. They called police who came and left. After midnight, the defendants came back and the security guards detained them while police were called.

‘At interview they denied using the language against them, and said there had been no conversation between them. They said they had been attacked by the security guards.’

Mr Sezer, giving evidence through a Turkish interpreter, said he had started guarding the footballer three weeks before the altercation.

He said: ‘Initially we saw these two men at approximately 7.30pm. They walked past us as we were standing outside the door. Initially, there was nothing strange about them.

Pictured: Mesut Oizl's north London home

Pictured: Mesut Oizl’s north London home 

‘When they came the second time and started swearing at us, at 10.30pm. We were sitting in a car and they were on the other side of the road on the pavement.

‘They both started swearing. I don’t know which one said what. They said, ‘We’re going to f*** your mothers. 

‘We are going to f*** Mesut’s mother. We’re going to come back five minutes later. If the security don’t go from here, we’re going to kill Mesut and we’re going to kill you.’

‘Whilst we heard they were saying this, we started chasing them on foot.

‘[We were angry] because we could understand Turkish and what they were saying about our mothers and what they said about the mother of the person we were protecting.

‘We got angry because Mesut Ozil about two to three weeks prior to that was attacked and we feared the same thing would happen.’

Security staff, who are not involved in the case, are pictured outside Ozil's home in north London, in July

Security staff, who are not involved in the case, are pictured outside Ozil’s home in north London, in July

Mr Sezer said after they failed to catch up with them, he next saw the defendants around midnight.

He said: ‘They were shouting and were coming along the road but on this occasion they were shouting in English.

‘They were drunk so I really don’t know what they were saying. Initially we waited for them to go away. I waited for them to come closer and then I had my dog take them out in order to protect ourselves.

‘They were carrying carrier bags and we didn’t know what was in the bags. 

‘I approached them in order to ask why they swore at us because we didn’t do anything to them and ask them why they were referring to the person we were protecting.

‘Our conversation didn’t last long, approximately ten seconds. We asked him why he swore and he answered in English. I really can’t remember what he said. I was holding onto the dog and he attacked him. He was afraid and he took off.

‘Mr Ozil himself came out and saw what was going on. I was stressed because Mr Ozil is loved by the Turkish people. We have a responsibility to protect him.’

Ozil runs with the ball in the Premier League match between Burnley and Arsenal on Sunday

Ozil runs with the ball in the Premier League match between Burnley and Arsenal on Sunday

 William Sneddon, defending Ekinci, and Johan Grefstad, defending Ercun, also suggested that Mr Sezer was not present at the house at all.

Mr Grefstad said: ‘Mr Ercun will say he was hit in the head with a baseball bat.

‘He will also say he heard a security guard shout at him, saying ‘keep your voices down, you son of a bitch’, in Turkish.’

Mr Sezer said, through a Turkish interpreter, said: ‘If I had used a baseball bat, I would be sat where the two defendants are sitting.

‘I never said anything like that. We don’t carry baseball bats in our vehicles.

‘We have been trained to do our job, but not like that.

‘I’m trained to do my job and I do not need to have any baseball bats and I don’t carry them.’

Mr Grefstad said: ‘Mr Ercun didn’t threaten you, did he? We will hear from in due course and he will say he didn’t swear at you.’

Mr Sezer responded: ‘If I accept what you’re saying, no one swore at us, no one said anything, no one approach us, no one threatened us, no one ran away from us, why would we say we ran after them? Why would we be playing a game?

‘If we were the guilty party, we would have been the ones arrested and taken away.’

Mr Grefstad suggested: ‘It may be that you or your colleague heard Mr Ozil’s name as they walked past.

‘You and your colleague were angry they mentioned Mr Ozil.

‘You got angry because you heard the name Mr Ozil and, perhaps, you and your colleague were overly sensitive or you or your colleague misheard; that’s why you ran after them and not because they actually threatened you.’

But Mr Sezer responded, holding up the Quran: ‘I have sworn on this book. It is a holy book for Muslims.’

Mr Sneddon, for Ekinci, said there were many inconsistencies in his witness statement and his oral evidence at the hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court today. .

He said: ‘The reason there are any inconsistencies between your evidence today and your statement is because you weren’t there, were you?’

But Mr Sezer responded: ‘You are currently telling lies. There are many cameras on the road.’

Ekinci, of Tottenham, and Ercun, of Highgate, both in three piece suits, listened quietly as they heard the opening of the evidence.

The trial continues.

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