Sturgeon torn apart by George Galloway over referendum plans ‘More people are on my side’ | UK | News

Nicola Sturgeon has been insisting on having a second referendum on Scottish independence despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson telling the SNP leader she can’t have one in this generation. The SNP leader has been blasted by former Labour MP George Galloway who explained Scottish people are on his side. Mr Galloway added he won the referendum with people who are against separatism.

Speaking on his RT show, Mr Galloway said: “The party of which I’m the leader of, the Workers Party of Britain will definitely be standing in the Scottish Parliament election.

“Scottish Labour is dead and is led by people simply incapable of taking the fight to the sepratists to the SNP.

“I have the capability of fighting the SNP. I’ve been doing it all my life.

“It always amuses me when they call me a traitor. A traitor to what?

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“I have opposed the Scottish separatism literally all of my life. I have hated the SNP all of my life.

“It’s not as if I was once a supporter of Scottish separatism and have now change sides.

“More Scottish people are on my side. We won the referendum.”

It comes as Mr Galloway tore apart Ms Sturgeon’s track record as First Minister of Scotland.

“It is only the pathetic weakness of the Scottish Labour Party which makes the SNP look as strong as they do.”

During the same interview Mr Galloway brilliantly outlined why it would be “catastrophic” for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom.

Mr Galloway said: “I have always opposed Scottish independence and I would have gone on opposing it but the situation that we now have where Britain is leaving the European Union.

“It would literally be catastrophic for Scotland to leave the union it is in and rejoin the European Union.”

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