Stormzy launches horror attack on Boris and EVERY Parliament member for 25 years in rant | UK | News

The rapper, 26, remarked that nothing has changed over the years for working-class people during Labour and Conservatives being in power. “Since when I’ve been young, whether it’s been a Labour government or a Tory government, not much has changed for the people who need it the most.” Stormzy said.

Speaking on current leader Boris Johnson: “He is literally not for man. He has made it clear in his vocabulary and in the stances he takes.”

In a December interview, he told Italy’s La Republic: “If the top person can openly say this racist thing – the ‘piccaninies’ remarks, ‘watermelon smiles’, comparing Muslim women to a letterbox.

“If that is our figurehead, the top man, the leader we have to follow and he openly says these things, he encourages hate.”

Before going on to say that the Conservatives have caused a rise in hate speech, as they feel supported by Boris Johnson’s previous comments during his journalist days.

Stormzy said: “Before, people had to hide their racism. If you felt something bad about black people, about Muslims, you had to shut up.

“Now these people have the confidence to come out in public to say everything. This is scary to me, that scares the s*** out of me’.”

It comes as Katie Hopkins was suspended by Twitter after her latest tweets on Stormzy violated the website’s policy.

Campaigners including Countdown host Rachel Riley, demanded she be removed from the social media site.

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“The fact parents are so hesitant and fearful of allowing children onto social media platforms shows how toxic many of these environments have become.

“We believe social media can empower the world to be even better, but handing megaphones to hate actors is irresponsible and dangerous.”

Ms Hopkins is known for her controversial views and had more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

She has been re-tweeted by President Trump on more than one occasion and gained herself a global audience.

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