Shrewsbury Tesco emergency: Armed police rush – ‘Man on Tesco’s roof with a gun’ | UK | News

Police ate scrambling to the scene, according to witness reports on Twitter, with armed officers having just arrived at the shop in Battlefield Road. One Twitter user said: “Why’s a dude on Tesco’s roof with a gun in Shrewsbury.” Another said: “Yeah we live over the road, armed police everywhere, helicopter out. They’ve shut roads off and locked everyone who was in Tesco inside for their safety. Man on the Tesco petrol station roof and Tesco roof, with guns, not sure if they’re police or bad guys!! #shrewsbury #tesco.”

Another said: “It’s all kicking off at Tesco in Shrewsbury. Police everywhere.”

Another said: “Stay clear of Tesco if you’re in Shrewsbury! Apparently there is a man on the petrol station roof with a gun.

“Even if that’s not the case, they have sent armed police to the scene, so just stay away guys.”

Other witnesses said there is a helicopter now on the scene.

Another said customers are being stopped from going inside. has contacted West Mercia Police for a statement.


This is a breaking news story. 

More to follow… 

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