Royal news: Bitter cash row erupts as Meghan Markle and Harry clash with palace over exit | Royal | News

Numerous stumbling blocks have been encountered from both sides, with Government officials claiming the Sussexes controversial split may take six months to fully occur. On Thursday, commentators believed that Prince Harry had carried out his final senior royal duty. But now Sussex fans were concerned the Duke and Duchess may not be fully removed for some time.

According to the Daily Mirror, the spat centres around the corporate deals Meghan and Harry aim to sign as they attempt to becoming “financially independent”.

Senior advisors to the Queen say any such deals must be put under “forensic examination”.

They add that they will be “carefully considered on their merits and in an agreed framework”.

It had been hoped that the Queen would release a progress statement on Friday that could bring a speedy end to the crisis currently engulfing the Royal Family.

But those closest to the negotiations are now fearful this could take a considerably longer time to complete than expected.

One source said: “There are major issues to deal with that have no way of being completely signed off in a matter of days.

“There are people working round the clock on this.

“We’ve drafted in from different departments and are working with representatives from governments who we have had little or no previous cause to work with, to try and get something to present on paper immediately.

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“The best there will be in the immediate future is a half-way house that will look like a deal is in place to placate all parties while everyone else puts their lives on hold until this is sorted.”

Last week, Harry and Meghan announced they would be standing down as senior royals.

The move sparked an outpouring of opinion from across the globe, with many airing their views on whether the couple were right or wrong to resign.

However, it appears the Queen has approved the move following a meeting dubbed the Sandringham summit earlier this week in which other senior royals discussed the Sussexes proposal.

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