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Harry attended the launch of the event, in what could be his last duty as a senior royal. The occasion was filmed, then later released via Harry and Meghan Markle’s Instagram account, with the Stone Roses’ song being played over the top, in what some perceive to be a goodbye message, or even a swipe at the criticisms the royal couple have faced after they announced plans to step down as senior royals.

The song features the lyrics “I want to leave the country” and “burn the town where I was born” – words which suggest Harry is determined to leave his royal duties behind.

The words are not heard in the video but it seems strange those who chose the song did not know the implications of its meaning.

However, Mail Online report that the Palace claim Harry did not have a say in the Stone Roses’ hit song being used in a post on the Sussex Royals’ Instagram account.

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The video showed the occasion as a montage, with the Prince smiling behind the scenes.

Harry reportedly raced through the event at Buckingham Palace, and snubbed questions about his future.

It was his first public event since Harry and Meghan announced they will be stepping down as senior royals.

Meghan is currently in Canada with baby Archie, and Harry is set to fly out there soon.

The Prince was seen making the audience laugh.

He helped with the draw and made jokes, after watching schoolchildren play tag rugby on the Palaces’ lawn.

The Duke dodged questions about the tensions currently within his family.

He even jokingly retorted: “How are the discussions going on your future?” to journalists asking probing questions.

He arrived at 11am, not long after releasing a video about about men’s mental health.

The prince was stem in character when he first got to the event, but the children playing rugby saw him become less so.

During which he someone joked to him: “We started without you”.

He replied: “Look after the grass though, yeah?

“Otherwise I’ll get in trouble”.

Later he ignored a question about his future, walking back to the Palace without responding.

Organisers helped him avoid an awkward photo opportunity.

They ensured he was not able to draw Canada out in the women’s event, the country in which he and Meghan plan to move to.

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