Roof ripped off double-decker bus as it drives under low bridge

A double-decker bus had its roof peeled completely off as it drove under a low bridge in York, U.K., on Thursday.

Incredibly, no one was injured, even though at least one passenger was sitting on the upper deck. The 10′ 9″-high overpass was clearly marked with signs warning that it was low, but the driver misjudged it, SWNS reported.

“It was like a can opener – it just peeled the top off and the bus carried on going through. There was glass everywhere. It made such a noise and a mess,” a witness said.

Another saw the passenger exit from the top level.

“He was up there and was incredibly lucky, or very short, I am not sure. But yes, he came out unscathed – he just left. He said something to the effect that he did not have time for this, and he was just gone. It was crazy.”

None of the passengers required hospitalization and no charges have been filed, but an investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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