Queen issues desperate plea to Royal Family as Meghan and Harry return to UK – ‘Be united’ | Royal | News

The couple is set to return to the UK on March 9 for Commonwealth Day. The date is important for the Royal Family as it celebrates all nations that are part of the Commonwealth. It is observed by the one billion people that make up the Commonwealth.

But with tensions running high at present within the Royal Family following Harry and Meghan’s departure, the Queen has issued a rallying cry.

According to Little Things, sources close to the family say Her Majesty wants the royals to put on a “united front” when the Sussexes come back to the UK.

The source said: “The Queen’s hoping everyone will put on a united front when Harry returns to London in March — even though there’s still tension behind closed doors.

“It’ll be interesting to watch their body language and see how they are together.”

The move comes after the Queen banned Harry and Meghan from using the term “royal” in any future branding opportunities.

The couple’s Instagram and website are currently branded as Sussex Royal.

This has thrown their future plans into doubt.

But a PR expert has claimed the word Sussex could now become the winning seller when it comes to making money in the future.

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“They are very well known and liked in the United States. If I were them then the sensible thing to do would be to take off that word voluntarily.

“The spotlight is even further on them. Rather weirdly they’ve increased their brand value because of it.”

Meghan and Harry officially stand down from the Royal Family on March 31.

They intend to spend half their time in North America and the UK as they bid to lead “financially independent” lives.

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