‘Pathetic’ leftie brutally shutdown as BBC QT audience erupts in laughter for Labour claim | UK | News

The audience member was desperately trying to claim that with newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch supporting Mr Johnson, Labour could never win an election. But his jibe backfired as he was left humiliated following an exchange with Sarah Baxter, of the Sunday Times. Mr Murdoch owns both The Sun and The Times papers.

But Ms Baxter was brutal in her assessment of the audience member’s comments.

Initially, the audience member told the panel: “How is Labour going to win any election when there is newspapers like The Sun and The Times are having such an influence on northerners and manipulating them – let’s use the word brainwashing because that’s what it comes down to with their headlines.

“They don’t have a chance.”

But as the debate moved to Ms Baxter, the audience were unable to contain their laughter as she moved to quieten the leftie.

She said: “I have never heard so much rubbish!

“I mean what a good excuse for the biggest election defeat since 1935.

“I mean it really is pathetic to blame the press.

“Honestly I think you are underestimating the intelligence and how savvy they are.

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It comes after Labour’s brutal mauling at the general election was summed up in a brilliant intervention by a BBC Question Time audience member who explained why Jeremy Corbyn’s party were exposed during the December vote.

The audience member desperately tried to tell the panel why Mr Corbyn failed so badly last year.

Appearing on Thursday’s show was the Labour leadership hopeful Emily Thornberry.

Directing his comment to Ms Thornberry, the audience member pleaded with the Islington South and Finsbury MP to “just agree” sometimes with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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