Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP record TORN APART as George Galloway exposes ‘utter ‘shambles’ | UK | News

Mr Galloway blasted the SNP for the state of Scotland’s education system and health service. The former Labour MP described both as a “shambles”. Mr Galloway also fired a brutal dig at the Scottish Labour Party, he claimed the SNP were in a strong position because of the “pathetic weakness” of Labour as the opposition in Scotland.  

Mr Galloway told “They have been there ten years, Scottish education is a shambles.

“The Scottish Health Service is a shambles.

“Cuts in public expenditure are severe.

“It is only the pathetic weakness of the Scottish Labour Party which makes the SNP look as strong as they do.”

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During the same interview Mr Galloway brilliantly outlined why it would be “catastrophic” for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom.

Mr Galloway said: “I have always opposed Scottish independence and I would have gone on opposing it but the situation that we now have where Britain is leaving the European Union.

“It would literally be catastrophic for Scotland to leave the union it is in and rejoin the European Union.

“Which is an undemocratic union where Scotland will have literally no say and will be a smaller dot on the map than Slovenia or even the smallest members of the European Union.

“Which could only be done by gigantic cuts in public services and massive redundancies.”

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly called for Boris Johnson to grant Scotland the power to hold another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

Scotland previously had a referendum in 2014 where the country voted to remain part of the UK.

Following last month’s general election, Ms Sturgeon has again continuously called for Indyref2. 

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