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An old video of the Duchess of Sussex has been unearthed showing a young Meghan calling herself a “fraud” for allegedly lying to casting directors to get a job, according to MailOnline. More recently, rumours have circulated that Meghan could be returning to screens after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that they wanted to become “financially independent” from the Royal Family.

The video is from a promotional appearance that Meghan did for the legal drama series she starred in, Suits.

The video shows Meghan admitting that she told casting directors that she was in an actors’ union when she wasn’t.

The host asked the panel about which role got them their first Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card.

The SAG was an American labour union which represented over 100,000 film and television principal and background performers.

Meghan admitted that she pretended to be in a union to get a small part in a pilot for CBS show Century City in 2004.

The Duchess ended up playing Rachel Zane in Suits

She said in the video: “I was Taft-Harteleyed, which is I pretended I was union…. and you have to… it was the pilot called Century City with Héctor Elizondo.

“And I got there, and they’re like – so you’re union.

“And I’m like of course, I’m union I mean yeah absolutely. And then I wasn’t.

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However, since the rumours began circulating, palace sources have disputed the claims.

The Duchess of Sussex was reported to be appearing on Netflix reality show, ‘I Do, Redo’.

In a statement to MailOnline, the Palace said the rumours are “categorically untrue”.

CTV, who partnered with Netflix for the show, also denied the reports.

CTV tweeted: “The Duchess of Sussex does not appear in upcoming @CTV series.”

The show will appear on Netflix Canada and will be hosted by Ms Mulroney.

Ms Mulroney is a close friend of Meghan’s and is also a Toronto wedding stylist.

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