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Deputy Labour Leader candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan hinted that she still believed the Labour Party should be pushing for a people’s vote on Brexit. While on Sky News’ Sophy Ridge Ms Allin-Khan argued the Labour Party lost the recent general election because they did not make it clear they wanted to get a better deal with the EU and have a second referendum. She added she was not apologetic for her views on Brexit as she was clear she would not support a Theresa May or Boris Johnson Brexit deal.

The Labour MP said:” “The time it took to get to our ultimate position on calling for a people’s vote took a bit too long.

“I also think that we had a manifesto, that although was incredible in parts, nobody believed was actually deliverable.

“And the leadership came up on the doorstep a lot.”

Ms Ridge replied: “You say you took too long in getting to your Brexit position of supporting a second referendum but some people would argue that it was that position the you ended up at that was the real problem.

“If you look at the seats where you lost so many voters it was Brexit supporting seats in the north and midlands, surely it was that position.”

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Ms Allin-Khan answered: “I think what people wanted from us was leadership and we didn’t show that in enough time.

“I think ultimately saying we would negotiate a better deal and putting it back to the people was a good position to come to.

“I make no apology, I was very outspoken on the fact that I would not support Theresa May’s deal and I would not support Boris Johnson’s deal.

“I believe that we should put it back to the people.

“Also Jeremy Corbyn and your manifesto are why you lost our votes and I can’t see you ever getting them back.”

Some viewers took aim at Ms Allin-Khan for not accepting the recent general election as the final verdict on Brexit.

One Twitter user noted: “We did just put it back to the people? Or was the General Election we just had, just a figment of my imagination.”

Another added: “What does she think the recent general elections as but “putting it back tot he people”?

“The people really couldn’t have been clearer in their answer.”

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