Ken Clarke admits deep ‘fear’ Britain will ‘screw up’ Brexit | UK | News

The Remainer claimed that US President Donald Trump would expect Britain to become a “poodle-like” ally following Brexit. The former Conservative MP made his comments during an interview on the BBC’s Any Questions programme. Mr Clarke has consistently opposed Brexit and looks to be continuing to fight against it.

Mr Clarke said: “In a world where we were one of the great three leading players in one of the great world blocs, now we are a country on our own. 

“We are heavily dependent on the United States, probably with a President who will expect us to be a poodle-like ally of the present President. 

“As well as trying to be on friendly terms with the Europeans.

“Will other people take notice of us? I don’t know.”

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He continued: “The economy, we just must keep membership of the richest, biggest free trade area in the world. 

“We want the continued flow of trade in both directions. 

“My biggest fear is that we screw it up and we come out with no trade deals with anybody.”

Yesterday Simon Coveney warned Boris Johnson that he has “tied his own hands” regarding Brexit trade negotiations. 

“The British Prime Minister has made it very clear that the UK is leaving now but that it is also leaving the customs union and the single market.

“That means we have a very complex and demanding negotiation to now face in the context of putting a future trade agreement in place.

“Also agreements in many other areas from data, security, transport, aviation, fishing and so many other areas where the UK and the EU will not have any formal agreement or relationship and needs one in order to interact in the future.

“Boris Johnson has effectively tied his own hands in the context of setting a very tight timeline to do that.”

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