Jacob Rees-Mogg sparks SNP fury after he shuts down plea to add new MEP before Brexit | UK | News

Jacob Rees-Mogg shot down an SNP request to help confirm a new MEP in the European Parliament just days before the UK leaves the EU. He responded to the SNP request made in the Commons with a jibe at the European Parliament. However, the Brexiteer’s dismissal of the plea sparked an intense backlash from the SNP benches.

Furious SNP MPs branded Mr Rees-Mogg “disgraceful” and “undemocratic”.

They urged the UK Government to act, even though British MEPs have already packed up their offices in Brussels and Strasbourg. 

During the Commons Business Questions, SNP Commons leader Tommy Sheppard rose to ask Mr Rees-Mogg when Heather Anderson will be appointed to the European Parliament.

Ms Anderson was selected to fill the position left vacant by Alyn Smith following his election as MP for Stirling last month.

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However, she was never formally approved to take her seat as SNP representative in the European Parliament. 

Mr Sheppard said: “We regard it as the utmost importance that our country is fully represented, albeit in its dying days of representation in the European Parliament, in order to oppose the direction that the Government has taken in that body.

“It’d be wrong I think if either through administrative oversight or a lack of political enthusiasm we were not to be fully represented.”

Mr Rees-Mogg ridiculed this request, responding: “As regards to the European Parliament, I cannot think why anyone would want to go there for eight days.”

He added: “Rees-Mogg’s response to my question was outrageous.”

Britain is due to leave the EU on January 31, with its 73 MEPs no longer in position after this date.

The SNP fury at the Government also saw Ian Blackford claimed that Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement gaining royal assent was a “constitutional crisis”

He said that governments in Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff had not given consent to the act of Parliament.

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