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This will tip the total price tag of the two day trip past $4 million (£3.6 million), which the taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab for through the State Department budget. Additional rental car expenses in Davos include $736,000 (£564,254) by the White House travel office and two more hotel bookings for the president’s entourage. One for $286,000 (£219,281) and one for $29,000 (£22,234) now combined to make Team Trump’s two-day jaunt to Davos the priciest yet. This total cost does not even include security costs, salaries, or the estimated $2.2 million (£1. 8 million) necessary to fly Air Force One round-trip between the US and Zurich and the Marine One helicopter flight from Zurich to Davos.

Footage circulated on Twitter shows Ivanka in Davos avoiding questions from CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Trump’s impeachment.

Mr. Acosta can be heard asking: “Any comment on your father’s impeachment trial? Any thoughts?”

An aide then excuses them and ushers Ivanka through the crowd.

Trying again, Mr. Acosta repeats his question, adding: “Do you think there should be witnesses?”


Ivanka’s car hire cost $34,000 for the World Economic Forum trip. (Image: GETTY)


The costs are set to make Team Trump’s two-day jaunt to Davos the priciest yet. (Image: GETTY)

Ms. Trump’s awkward silence continues.

The painful exchange has prompted a flurry of Twitter comments.

The Daily Show replied “Ivanka Trump is in Davos with her father as we speak. But a larger question remains… what does she actually do? #UnsolvedMysteries

Another user said: “I’m telling y’all, Ivanka & Jared are the ones you need to keep your eyes on. @IvankaTrump “

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Ivanka avoids questions from CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Trump’s impeachment. (Image: GETTY)

A third replied: “This is good journalism by @Acosta – Ivanka Trump’s Marie “let them eat cake” impression speaks for itself. Haughty, aloof, unwilling to answer a basic question”

This is President Trump’s second visit to Davos, as he has never been invited as a private citizen.

His previous visit back in 2018, saw him spend $1.8 million (£1.3 million) as he stayed in multiple hotels including the Radisson Blue at Zurich airport.

Although Mr. Trump skipped the exclusive gathering last year as there was a partial government shutdown, this ended up costing the American public about $3.2 million (£2.4 million) in unused hotels and rental cars.

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Mr Trump is very close with Ivanka, who is his closet confidante (Image: GETTY)


Ivanka has faced criticism for her reckless out of the taxpayers pocket. (Image: GETTY)

The current Davos trip could be set to be the priciest of all time, as not all charges have currently been filed.

In the past, Ivanka has faced criticism for reckless spending, including her 2018 trip to the Dominican Republic which cost the taxpayer $60,000 (£46,080) 

A White House Rep said that Ivanka and her husband covered their own costs for the trip but federal documents showed a payment made by the government for $32,064. The reason listed “VIP VISIT AMANERA RESORT RIO SAN JUAN”.

Days later the State Department’s bureau of diplomatic security made a separate payment for $26,280 through the US embassy in Santo Domingo, for reasons identified simply as “HOTEL RESERVATION.”

There have also been rows over Trump’s security bill, as the entire brood is entitled to Secret Service protection.

The big problem is we haven’t had necessary oversight of the unusually high expenses incurred by the Secret Service to support the security of Trump and his grown children,” said Virginia Canter, the chief ethics counsellor.

The President does not publicly report the costs of having 24-hour security and it is not monitored by an external watchdog organisation.

Its also been a source of tension over what Ivanka’s exact role is in the Trump administration, as she is currently listed as “ advisor to the president” who focuses on education and the economic empowerment of women.


The President does not publicly report the costs of having 24-hour security (Image: GETTY)

She is said to have great influence over the White House, where she is seen as her father’s closest confidante.

Alongside her husband Jared Kushner, she has introduced tax breaks to developers in low-income neighbourhoods, where a company that Kusher has invested in is situated.

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