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Ms Sacoolas has refused to cooperate with British authorities over charges on the tragic death of 19-year-old after she caused his death with dangerous driving last August. The Daily Mail has now tracked down Ms Sacoolas to her home of Virginia, US, where she was spotted behind the wheel and filling up on petrol. Harry Dunn’s distraught family were said that the pictures were “sickening” and it was “galling” to see Ms Sacoolas back her to old routines including being behind the wheel.

Speaking from New York, Radd Seiger, the family spokesman, said: “On the day that the family are calling on Anne Sacoolas to do the right thing and return to the UK, it’s galling to learn that she is seemingly attempting to carry on her life as if the tragic road traffic collision in which Harry died had never happened.

“Neither the family nor the millions of people around the world who support them are going to accept that for a second. Anne Sacoolas cannot run from justice.”

Twitter users have taken to the site in their droves to express outrage at these latest revelations.

One said: “This is absolutely disgusting that the US won’t extradite Anne Sacoolas to face consequences over death of Harry Dunn #HarryDunn #annesacoolas

Another replied:Sacoolas must return here to face justice. She killed a young boy because she was driving on the wrong side of the road. She then did the most cowardly & cruel thing & fled to the US claiming diplomatic immunity. It is made worse learning she is a mum! #justice4harry

A third responded: “#annesacoolas coward you should come back to Britain and answer to your killing of #HarryDunn #annesacoolas you are a mother how would you feel. “

Ms Sacoolas was the driver of a car that on August 27 of last year killed teenager Harry Dunn, after she was found to be driving on the wrong side of the road near RAF Croughton.

Since the accident, Ms Sacoolas has been staying in the US, where she has been granted diplomatic immunity and the grieving Dunn family has made a public appeal for her to return.

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Mr Raab spoke to Sky: They’re crowdfunding for that purpose and we just cannot responsibly allow ourselves to be sued without taking the normal action in defending ourselves when the position that the representative and the family are pursuing in law is wrong.

“It pains me because I want to give them the solace of justice in this case.

“But we also need to protect the taxpayers’ money and the legal position that we set out, which is the correct one.

“So it’s very difficult, but that’s the position that we’re in.”

The family lawyer said: “I think the Foreign Office know they are in a weak legal position that is why they are piling all the pressure on to try to intimidate the family

Harry’s parents reacted with fury to the cabinet minister’s comments, with Radd Seiger – the family’s spokesperson – revealing they were “livid”.

He said: “If he is so concerned about taxpayers’ money in the litigation then he would come and talk to us to find a resolution, rather than risking having the taxpayers themselves having to pay a very expensive legal bill if the FCO lose.”

A crowdfunding campaign was set up by Harry’s family, on website GoFundMe, has raised more than £118,581 of its £150,000 target since being created last October.

On the page, it outlines: “This funding page is being set up to help the family and his twin brother Niall through these traumatic times and to build up a fund as the family embark on a campaign to search for Justice for Harry as the legal process unfolds.”

The GoFundMe page also provides supporters with updates of the Dunn Family’s fight for justice.

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