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The Labour shadow foreign secretary posted a photo of a house in Rochester displaying several St George’s flags in 2014. The tweet was attacked and Ms Thornberry was forced to resign from her then-frontbench position as a result. Since then, the Labour leadership candidate has been accused of sneering British working-class people as a member of the Islington elite. BBC host Victoria Derbyshire confronted her on the issue. She said: “The reason I want to ask you about this now is that it speaks to your character potentially and our audience want to know about your character.

“The then-leader of your party, Ed Miliband, was furious. He said it ‘conveyed a deep sense of disrespect’.

“The man himself said ‘it confirms Labour is run by the upper classes and it’s out of touch with everyone apart from the croissant munching Islington elite’.

“And one of your own colleagues said Labour had been ‘hijacked by the north-London liberal elite’.

“Are you a snob?”

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Ms Thornberry replied: “Well, listen, I was taking a serious of photographs during a by-election. The idea was for people who followed me on Twitter to get an insight into what by-elections are like.

“So I had photos of dogs with rosettes and the looney party or whatever is called and people who made their own posters and so on.

“This was one of the images and it was very striking, it was over the windows and it was many months after the world cup and so I put it up, I didn’t make any comment and then everything kind of exploded.”

The BBC host interrupted the Labour MP to repeat her question as to whether she considers herself to be a “snob”. 

But Mr Thornberry failed to answer directly once again. 

The BBC host tried one more time: “But are you a snob?”

Eventually, Ms Thornberry replied: “Of course I’m not a snob.”

To which, Victoria Derbyshire pointed out: “It took you three times to get there, that’s all.”

Ms Thornberry’s desperate bid for support in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn backfired after she told supporters to “get on with it” and vote for her.

According to the Independent, Ms Thornberry currently has just nine of the 33 nominations from local Labour Party groups throughout the UK needed to appear on the ballot paper.

Already on the paper are Sir Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy.

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