Donald Trump Jr. says there’s no ‘equal justice’: ‘If you’re a Trump guy, it’s over!’

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on “Watters’ World” Saturday night and commented on his father, President Trump, tweeting support for Attorney General William Barr shortening the sentence of former Trump associate Roger Stone and the criticism it garnered.

“They’re saying, ‘well, what Trump did … ’ Trump tweeted about it to his millions of followers all over the world. He tweeted about something that already happened, meaning the verdict against Stone, right? They’re trying to say that is the same as when the right was outraged that Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a private plane on a tarmac in Arizona [in 2016] to talk about ‘golf and grandkids,’” Trump Jr. told host Jesse Watters. “Let’s not pretend they’re the same thing! We have no idea what they discussed. We do know the charges were dropped and things weren’t pursued after that Bill Clinton meeting, but we have no idea!”

“Trump sends a tweet to billions of people around the world after the fact and he’s somehow getting in there and meddling with what’s going on,” Trump said. “I mean, this is the sickness.”

Trump Jr. voiced his frustration with the “double standard” his family and Republicans must deal with, using Stone and former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe as an example.

“Roger Stone and McCabe, they both lied to Congress, but McCabe, he’s a CNN contributor!” the president’s eldest son said. “He actually gets airtime on TV to talk about the injustices that he actually committed! The double standard is what’s sickening. And I think that’s what’s so frustrating to us.”

“I don’t care if we play hardball … but we’ve got to be playing the same game,” Trump Jr. added.

Watters then mentioned former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, pointing out that Hunter was an example of justice not being equal.

“Unlike Hunter, I actually did 30 hours of testimony. Now, the difference is, I took a 20-minute unsolicited meeting set up and paid for by the DNC. Okay?” Trump Jr. said. “Hunter takes millions from a corrupt, Ukrainian oil company. He doesn’t speak Ukrainian. He knows nothing about oil or gas, but that’s OK. They don’t even need to hear from him, let alone get in trouble for it.”

“It’s like, there is not equal justice under the law. If you’re one of them, you’re good. You can get away with any of these things, “Trump Jr. said. “If you’re one of the Trump people, but flip on Trump, you’re also good. If you’re a Trump guy, it’s over!”

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