Coronavirus reaches Australia as man is quarantined in Melbourne

Coronavirus reaches Australia: Melbourne man is confirmed to have contracted deadly Chinese virus – as seven others are quarantined amid fears more could be infected

A man has been quarantined in Melbourne after contracting the deadly coronavirus.

The man, who showed no symptoms of the deadly virus, had been flying alone back from Wuhan in China last week. 

There are seven other Australians, five in NSW, who have been quarantined over fears they could also have the virus.

Five people in NSW are being assessed for potential infection of the deadly strain of coronavirus in NSW after two patients were cleared on Friday.

At least one of those being treated arrived in Sydney on Friday night on a flight from Guangzhou, a source has told AAP.

No cases of the novel coronavirus dubbed 2019-nCoV have been confirmed in NSW, the state’s health authority said on Saturday.

NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant on Friday said patients were in isolation and do not pose a risk of transmitting the virus that has so far killed 26 people in China.

‘We’re encouraging people who have come back from Wuhan, or who have been in contact with confirmed cases in China or in other countries, to please seek care if you develop any symptoms of fever, sore throat, pneumonia, a cough or respiratory symptoms of any sort,’ she said.

Dr Chant said testing currently takes about six hours but that time frame will likely shrink in the future.

‘It is important that we detect cases early,’ she said.

Transportation in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, and at least 12 nearby cities has been shut down, effectively placing 36 million people into lockdown.

So far more than 850 people have been infected in China while France has had three people test positive – the disease’s first appearance in Europe.

Two cases, including a Chicago woman returning from China, have been confirmed in the United States.



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