Coronavirus news: Man being tested for deadly illness in Australia as global fears spread | World | News

The shocking news comes just hours after the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted that the nation has no way of preventing the virus from entering the nation. Screenings have been introduced for passengers entering the nation from China in a bid to halt the virus spreading.

Australia’s screening measures are focussed on three-times-weekly direct flights from Wuhan City, China to Sydney.

The virus is believed to have originated in Wuhan City.

The virus has been described as similar to SARS and has already been confirmed to have infected 220 people.

Three people have also been left dead.

Chinese officials are warning that the virus can now spread from human-to-human contact.

It was first thought that it only spread from animals to people.

The outbreak has sparked the World Health Organisation (WHO) to call an emergency meeting about how to contain the virus from spreading across the globe.

Officials have confirmed that the meeting will take place in Geneva on Wednesday.

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The urgent meeting has been called because the virus has been confirmed in Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

A British tourist who has been named as Ash Shorley, could have also been struck down with the contagious virus.

Paramedics raced the 32-year-old to a hospital in Phuket, Thailand after a pneumonia-like infection spread to his lungs.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses causing illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

Fever, fatigue and dry cough are the main symptoms in the early stage of illness and some patients may not progress to a more severe illness.

Hospitalised patients are said to have had difficulty breathing which is associated with Dyspnoea.

Older patients with an underlying health condition were more likely to progress to the more severe side of the disease.

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