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Edward Jonkler, the director for house and office deep cleaning service Remora Cleaning, revealed the important products the public should buy to disinfect surfaces. During an interview with, Mr Jonkler claimed alcohol gel, alcohol wipes, high concentration bleaches and wound cleaning wipes would all be effective items to buy to help kill the virus while cleaning. He added the importance of people touching their face less and washing their hands more regularly.

He said: “In terms of personal protective equipment when we do the cleans our company have disposal suits, overshoes, gloves, masks and eye protection, we have everything.

“If you can’t resist touching your face, nose or mouth however then wash your hands as much as you can.

“Maybe having disposal gloves would be helpful.

“It is going to be very difficult to ensure that you are going to be completely protected so probably the best thing to do is to stay away from places where there is a higher risk of being passed on.

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“Alcohol gel is obviously one of the best things you can have as long as it is over 70 percent proof.

“That can be quite hard to get nowadays but an alternative would be household cleaning chemicals that have bleach in them.

“Bleach of a higher concentration is going to be effective.”

“Bleach and also antiseptic type disinfectants and alcohol wipes are also available from what I can see on Amazon and elsewhere online.

The cleaning expert noted other cleaning products that are likely more widely available to buy and how effective they can be.

He said: “There are also disinfectants you can buy which are still quite widely available.

At the time of writing the United Kingdom has had 1,143 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

This has resulted in 21 deaths in the country while 19 people have recovered from the illness.

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