‘Britain in the EU is a square peg in a round hole’ – Britons rejoice | UK | News

Thousands of Britons gathered in Parliament Square in central London to mark the occasion. The BBC spoke to Britons celebrating in Parliament Square regarding their thoughts on Brexit and they did not hold back.

Another said: “It has been too long messing around in that building over there when they should have been listening to what was said three years ago.”

A woman told the BBC: “It means ruling our own country again and having our say over what goes on here.”

Yesterday’s celebrations marked the climax of Britain’s fight for freedom from the EU after years of bitter tensions dividing the country.

The Prime Minister steered clear of the celebrations in Parliament Square but Brexiteer heavyweights Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe and Richard Tice were all in attendance.

Yesterday Brexiteer Martin Daubney posted footage of British MEPs leaving the European Parliament for the final time on Twitter.

The Brexit Party MEPs walked out of Parliament with a huge union jack flag waving above their heads.

Bagpipes were also being played as the British MEPs were swarmed by the press as they exited.

Mr Daubney captioned the footage: “That’s it! We finally left the EU.

“Here is that proud moment in history.”

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