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Mrs May, who was replaced by Boris Johnson in the summer, moved into Downing Street in 2016 after winning the race to replace David Cameron – but her tenure was marked by Parliamentary gridlock, an election in which she lost her overall majority, and a failure to deliver on the original deadline of March 29, 2019. Nevertheless, she tweeted: “At 11pm tonight, Britain will leave the European Union

“After more than three years, we can finally say that we have delivered on the result of the 2016 referendum and have kept faith with the British people.”

Her post, at 5.31pm, prompted multiple replies, with many highly dubious about her contribution.

One commented: “You are having a laugh.

Meanwhile Gam Catty suggested the credit for taking Britain out of the EU lay elsewhere, arguing: “You weren’t hard enough.

“Too much appeasing of Remainer MPs.

“It took skilful manoeuvring of Parliament into agreeing to a General Election to break the deadlock to a majority of 80 could vote through the desired bill.

“I thank the expertise used by Boris and, before that, Farage.”

However, others were more magnanimous.

Richard Bray posted: “With mighty thanks to yourself too!

“We might be leaving with Boris as PM, but no one can deny the majority of the WA was made under your leadership.”

“I hope now you can enjoy being an MP without all the undeserved scrutiny.”

Unusually for a former prime minister, Mrs May – Britain’s second woman Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher – opted to remain in Parliament, and was re-elected as MP for Maidenhead in the general election on December 12.

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