Brexit news: French fishermen face DISASTROUS ‘shortfall’ if blocked from British waters | UK | News

Jean-Marc Puissesseau said his biggest fear for the post-Brexit relationship would see local fisherman banned from the UK’s waters. He said: “If there is no agreement, it could lead to a fish mess with a real shortfall for the Boulogne fishermen.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday dismissed EU demands for concessions over fishing.

Under his plan, the UK will become an independent coastal state from the end of the year.

The UK, like Norway and Iceland, will have annual negotiations with the EU on access to waters.

Brussels is calling for “ existing reciprocal access” for fishing vessels as a pre-condition for any future trade deal with Britain.

Access to British waters accounts for as much as 30 percent of the turnover of French fishermen, leaving many fearful for their future.

Tensions are already high with their UK counterparts after French captains learnt they now need a permit for Channel Island waters.

The London Fisheries Convention, which gave French vessels access, ended on Friday but the French government has branded new rules “disrespectful”.

British captains were warned not to land their catches in France amid fears boats could be set alight.

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He said: “On Guernsey, we worked on it all weekend and again this morning.

“I can now say that a solution has been found and that in coming hours French fishermen will be able to continue to fish in Guernsey waters.”

French and British vessels had already clashed in the English Channel over scallop fishing rights back in August 2018.

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