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Europe is bracing itself for a dramatic drop in temperatures, as the mercury falls below freezing across several countries. The latest BBC forecast showed that France, Spain and parts of Scandinavia were most at risk of snowfall and plummeting temperatures. BBC meteorologist Phil Avery warned that there were “signs that a big chance in on its way”.

He predicted metres of snow could fall across Scandinavia and the regions surrounding the Alps.

Avery said: “We have weather fronts moving across the British Isles on Monday.

“They will sweep their way into Norway and then south into the heart of France and then into the north-west of Iberia.

“Across Western Europe there will be a lot more in the way of cloud, wind and rain than we have seen for a while.”

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He continued: “It is still unseasonably mild in areas of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

“But there will still be significant snowfall to come for northern Norway and northern Sweden.

“You could see a metre, a metre and a half, of snow there.

“There will be significant snowfall too in the central and western parts of the Alps.”

The Met Office warnings will be in place from midnight until 10am on Monday morning.

This comes as the Verkhoyansk Range in Russia saw extreme drops in mercury on Saturday.

In what is typically known as the coldest area in the Northern Hemisphere, several stations in the Yakutia region recorded temperatures at -57 °C.

Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk even saw record cold low temperatures at -67.8C and -71.2C.

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