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Laurence Fox was a guest on the debate show last night, alongside Labour’s Shadow Attorney General. The topic turned to the Labour leadership race and the RADA-trained actor was asked who he was backing to takeover from Jeremy Corbyn. Host Fiona Bruce said: “Which Labour candidate do you believe can reconnect with Labor voters in the north?”

Mr Fox replied: “Keir Starmer because he just looks like he can take Boris on quite well.”

This prompted him to be asked by Baroness Chakrabarti if this meant he didn’t rate any of the four women candidates, Emily Thornberry, Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips and Rebecca Long-Bailey.

But he quickly became exasperated and put his head in his hands, before saying: “It’s not about women!”

He added: “Sorry, let me rewind, any of the women.

“Because it’s really important what gender you are rather than your policies and how you approach politics.”

The Good Morning Britain host called him “my kind of actor” after his comments of the panel show.

He wrote on Twitter: “Superb.

“Baroness Shami’s shell-shocked face as Laurence refuses to play ‘woke’ gender ball is priceless.

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“He surprised and delighted me with his refreshing honesty.”

Another person added: “Laurence Fox: Not the hero we asked for, but the hero we need.”

A third simply called him a “superb breath of fresh non-woke air”.

And someone else said with glee: “Laurence Fox is having any of it!”

Mr Fox was also confronted on air by Ms Chakrabarti.

She said: “You’ve got to walk around in someone else’s shoes.

“I would never say that because you’re a white man you don’t have a perspective.

“But I would ask you to consider the perspective of anybody who’s had a different experience.

“I know Britain is a wonderful country and I’m second to no one in my love of my country.

“But loving your country doesn’t mean you say there is no racism in the country and there are no issues in the press.”

After the show, Mr Fox tweeted: “My Tw*tter feed tonight is like Christmas come early.

“Speak truth to nonsense.”

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