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Debate around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and whether the British tabloid press has been racist towards Meghan was rife in yesterday evening’s BBC Question Time. The audience and panel alike were divided over whether Meghan has undergone racism in her split with Harry from the royal family, that has paved the way for anger over how they will finance themselves as a late sum of their money comes from public funds.

What Meghan and Harry will do next is unknown, with any royal watchers miffed as to what to predict.

All that is known is that the couple will split their time between the UK and north America, giving equal shares of time to their respective families, as well as attempting to evade the eye of the UK press.

The Daily Telegraph journalist and commentator, Madeline Grant, seemed sure of what Meghan and Harry would become now they have distanced themselves away from senior royalty.

She said: “No doubt there has been a great deal of racism directed at Meghan Markle from members of the public and some sections of the press, of course there has.

“But I think in general what has really aggravated people isn’t the colour of her skin, but the apparent hypocrisy that they have shown on a number of occasions.

“Even the way in which they want to exit the royal family – they’re not proposing to be like the Dutch royal family where they cycle to work or maintain a regular job.

“What they’re proposing is a strange hybrid Where they’ll retain many of the perks and privileges of being in the royal family but you expect none of the duties.

“I think we’re going to get a kind of woke celebrity, sort of Gwyneth Paltrow meets Greta Thunberg with a bit of Kardashian thrown in for good measure type thing.”

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The lengthy speech was met with applause all around the studio.

Meghan and Harry sparked much debate on BBC Question time, with a separate occasion seeing actor Laurence Fox clash with a member of the audience over whether the UK press has been racist towards Meghan.

Sparking the debate, one audience member said: “The problem we’ve got with his is that Meghan has agreed to be Harry’s wife and then the press has torn her to pieces.

“Lets be really clear about what this is, lets call it by its name: it’s racism.”

Many members of the crowd applauded this, with equally as many booing.

The audience member continued: “She’s a black woman and she has been torn to pieces.”

Laurence Fox, an actor most known for his appearance in the series, Inspector Lewis, exclaimed: “It’s not racist!”

The audience member continued: “She has been torn to pieces and it absolutely is racism.”

Mr Fox replied: “It’s not racism, we’re the most tolerant and lovely country in Europe – you can’t just be throwing the charge of racism at everybody and its really starting to get boring now.”

The slanging match continued, as the audience member said: “Says a white privileged man, what worries me about your comment is you’re a white privileged male.”

To this, the crowd jeered and booed, while Mr Fox shouted: “Oh god!”

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