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The BBC Political Editor told Brexitcast that despite the obstacles the Tories have faced they now have a “thumping majority and a huge mandate” following the completion of the Brexit project. Ms Kuenssberg also outlined that the UK leaving the European Union on January 31 was a “genuine moment that changes the chart of history.” 

Ms Kuenssberg said: “It’s very, very rare that we can say this is a genuine moment that changes the chart of history.

“It is also an astonishing marker, love them or loathe them, of the ruthlessness and robustness of the Conservative Party.

“Because having gone through a collective nervous break down over the last few years they have managed despite all of those terrible arguments, all that bitterness, getting rid of one Prime Minister and installing another.

“They have managed to come out of the end of this with a thumping majority, a huge mandate and having achieved a political project that not that long ago was seen as a political hobby of people at the fringe of that party.”

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Earlier today Labour MP Jon Ashworth admitted his party were “absolutely smashed” in the December 2019 general election during an interview on Sky News.

The Shadow Health Secretary stated that his party was stunned by losing seats they had “held forever” to the Conservative Party as their “red wall” crumbled in the Midlands and north of England.

Sky News host Sophy Ridge then grilled Mr Ashworth on the Labour Party’s plan for the next general election.   

Ms Ridge said: “If Boris Johnson does deliver in some of those red wall seats in the Midlands and the north of England then Labour will have a real fight trying to regain them.”

“Seats where we thought we were going to gain we went even further backwards.

“So Labour has a problem and it is partly because the structure of the Labour vote has been changing over the last decade.”

The Labour Party secured the second-lowest amount of seats in their history in the December 2019 general election. 

The Conservative Party won 365 seats, giving them a majority of 80 in the House of Commons. 

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