22 Things That Make Your Closets Seem Significantly Larger For Less Than $35 On Amazon

It’s a near universal problem — a lack of closet space. Not only do cluttered closets cost you precious time when you need it most, but cramped spaces where you can’t find anything can make for a stressful and an uninspiring start to the day. Luckily, no matter the size of your closet, there are plenty of affordable closet organization tools on Amazon that will make the most of the space you have — and all of these genius hacks cost less than $36.

When it comes to overhauling your closet, the possibilities are endless. From magical hangers that fit in six times as much clothing to shoe organizers that help you maximize your vertical space to motion-sensor lights that help guide you right to the perfect outfit, there are a wealth of clever and budget-friendly solutions. Some even work outside of your closet to give you that custom-built look and storage space without the custom-built price tag.

Best of all, these are all available on Amazon so if you have Prime shipping, they can be on your doorstep in just a couple of days. While these won’t make your home bigger or shift the walls of your closet, with a few strategic purchases, you might just start feeling like your closet just got a whole lot roomier.

1. These Hangers That Store 6 Times More Clothing

Each of these space-saving hangers have space for six hangers and create a cascade effect to save about 10 inches of horizontal space each. Each pack comes with six sturdy metal hooks which means you get great bang for your buck. No wonder they have a 4.5-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews.

2. These Under-Shelf Storage Bins That Make The Most Of Vertical Space

Keep T-shirts, scarves, and other loose items off the floor with these under-the-shelf storage bins that uses space which often goes wasted. The plastic trays are designed to hang on wire shelving, with no tools needed, and each pack comes with two.

3. These Motion-Sensing Peel & Stick Lights To Light Your Way

Use every last inch of space and be able to see it all with these motion-sensing lights which light your way without you having to find the switch. Plus, they automatically power off after 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity so they last a long time. The units are battery powered and installation couldn’t be easier, just peel and stick.

4. This Organizer That You Just Hang Onto Your Clothing Rod

The Whitmor closet organizer makes excellent use of the vertical space in your closet and it couldn’t be easier to use. Just hook it on and voila, more space for your folded items without losing any precious hanging space. “This made such a difference in my closet!” one fan wrote. “I used it for sweaters and leggings since I have no dresser space and I must have 25/30 blouses hanging on the rod on bottom with no problem at all!”

5. These Clip-on Wire Shelves That Keep Your Shelves Effortlessly Tidy

Store more on your shelves without having to worry that those stacks of shirts, pants, and sweaters will fall on top of each other with this set of eight wire shelf dividers. You can stack higher and still see everything just by clipping these onto the existing shelves in your closet.

6. This Wall-Mounted Hanger That Folds Away When You’re Done

The Spectrum wall mount hanger is a great way to keep clothes wrinkle free and out of the way. The circle design fits multiple hangers in each loop and the hanger can be folded away when not in use. Whether you need extra storage or like to plan your outfits out the night before, it’s easy to see why this has a standout 4.8-star rating.

7. A Hanging Shelf That Holds 10 Pairs Of Shoes

From shoes to craft supplies, this hanging organizer maximizes vertical space with 10 sturdy mesh pockets. A 360-degree swivel hook easily hangs on the rod in your closet and reinforced seams ensure durability. Plus, it comes in four colors — black, gray, brown, and white.

8. This Genius Hanger For All Your Scarves, Ties, & More

More than 1,000 fans have given this accessories organizer a five-star rating for saving them tons of space and making seeing what they have a breeze. With enough space to hold 23 scarves, ties, belts, and more, finding the right accessory just got a whole lot easier.

9. This Adjustable Organizer Magically Creates A New Hanging Rod Behind Your Door

Create extra hanging space behind your door with this solidly constructed door rack which holds up to 35 pounds. It’s even adjusted to be 18 to 24 inches so it’s sure to fit behind more doors. “This product is holding around 35 hangers for me, and still I could add more,” one customer noted. “Thanks to this rack, I was able to thin out my tiny closet and find garments that had been ‘missing’ for a while and thought lost. I should have gotten it sooner.”

10. This Shoe Organizer That Makes Things Super Visible

This hanging shoe organizer gets shoes out of boxes, off the floor, and into your line of sight for quick and easy access. These 24 pockets can hold more than shoes though; think toys, accessories, and more.

11. This 2-Sided Jewelry Organizer That Keeps Everything In One Place

Get a whopping 80 clear pockets and seven hooks in this dual-sided jewelry organizer that provides ample room for all those little pieces that like to play hide-and-seek. The hanger design means it’s easy to hook in your closet, behind a door, or on a wall.

12. These Vacuum Bags That Save Space & Protect Your Clothes

Pack away clothes and linens that are out of season, and the waterproof Spacesaver vacuum storage bags will keep them protected and small. Load up bulky sweaters and coats and use your vacuum to suck the air out reducing the original volume by at least 80%. This pack comes with 10 large bags, but there are small, medium, and jumbo options, too.

13. These Organizers That Double The Amount Of Space You Have To Store Shoes

Shoe Slotz organizers offer an efficient way to store shoes so they are visible and protected from scuffs and scratches while doubling your storage space. Each pack comes with 10 which work with heels, sneakers, sandals, and more.

14. This Organizer That Looks Like A Built-in You Can Assemble Without Tools

This Songmics wardrobe storage organizer is great inside or outside of your closet to create tons more space without needing any tools to set it up. With four different ways to set it up depending on if you want more hanging space or shelf space, it’s easy to have custom storage, but way easier.

15. These Slim Velvet Hangers That Your Clothes Won’t Slip Off Of

These slim velvet hangers by AmazonBasics were designed to maximize space in any closet. The thin profile cuts down on unnecessary bulk, leaving you more room for more stuff. Plus, the velvet material is gentle on your clothes and prevents slipping. Choose between three colors (black, gray, and ivory).

16. This Organizer That Keeps Your Handbags From Scuffing

Stop relegating your handbags to the back of the closet or stacked high on a shelf, and give them the spotlight and TLC they deserve with this purse organizer. This hanging handbag organizer has eight clear plastic slots to neatly store your handbags for quick and easy access while also keeping the dust off.

17. This Rod That Instantly Doubles Your Hanging Space

Instantly double your hanging space with Simple Houseware’s sturdy steel adjustable hanging rod. All you have to do is hang it on your existing rod, no tools required. Choose from 18 to 30 inches in width and even your height.

18. This Hanger That Holds Multiple Pairs Of Pants

This five-layer pant hanger has arms that swing out for easy access, and they’re even foam padded to prevent wrinkles. With a 4.7-star rating, fans can’t get enough. “These are a great space saver for my work slacks, skirts, and jeans. Very sturdy as well. I used to hang slacks & jeans on regular plastic hangers and they would eventually droop from the weight. These are strong enough to avoid the droop, save lots of space, and the price was great,” one customer wrote.

19. These Customizable Mirror Tiles That Brighten Up Your Space & Stick To Your Walls

These customizable mirrors will make your closet look and feel significantly larger and brighter. This set of four tiles with smooth beveled edges come with foam tape so they’re easy to install and place just where you want them. The tape won’t harm your surfaces and works on drywall, ceramic tile, and more.

20. These Shelves That Let You Stack Twice As Much Stuff

For an extra row of shelves without any effort, try mDesign’s metal shelves. These create a raised platform to store more shoes, shirts, and sweaters and can even be stacked on top of each other for even more storage. “These shelves were extremely easy to assemble. They are designed so that when the legs are opened and are put into place, they become sturdy while remaining lightweight. […] I bought four shelves and they all sit perfectly in my cabinets, allowing me to better utilize the space in my tiny apartment,” one customer wrote.

21. This Set Of 3 Oversize Bags For Linens, Clothes, & More

Keep your blankets and out-of-season clothes safely stashed away with these oversize storage bags. With clear windows, it’s easy to see what’s inside, and with zip closures, they’re easy to use but still secure. The material is even breathable but moisture resistant.

22. A Tie Rack That Pulls Out For Super Easy Access

Rev-A-Shelf’s extending tie rack keeps your ties, scarves or belts out of sight until you need them. With enough space for 25 items, the extendable arm offers easy access and total visibility. This comes in chrome or bronze to suit your decor, and customers have been thrilled with the quality with one writing: “Feels like it is built to last.”

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