21 Action Movies & TV Shows New To Streaming This Month

Sometimes, at the end of the day, you just need to kick back on your couch with a plate of takeout and indulge in some high-octane entertainment. If this is a scenario that sounds familiar to you, here’s a list of 21 action movies & TV shows new to streaming in January 2020 to help you decide what to watch. Because after a long day of making hard choices, the last thing you need is the endless “Browse Selections” menu mocking you with one more impossible choice to make. (Decision fatigue is real, you guys.)

Streaming comes with a plethora of advantages, but we all know the worst part of streaming is actually choosing what to watch. If you want to watch Keanu Reeves punching some dudes, do you opt for the modern delights of a John Wick or the classic thrills of a Speed? Are you in the mood for classic carnage or monster mayhem or sci-fi spectacle or kung fu kicks?

To help make the decision easier — and help you get to the ass-kicking and name-taking faster — we’ve narrowed down your options with this handy list of the best, most action-packed new offerings available to stream this month.

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