Thoughts on illegal immigrants and licenses (letter to the editor)

Re: The issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants:

Will they be required to take a road test (after reading the manual?)

It appears that our state government believes they all know how to follow our traffic rules and should automatically receive the license, especially when the majority don’t speak/read English — quite different from requirements for citizens.

I recently renewed my license and saw a Voter Registration Form on the application. Call me suspicious, but is this a back-door way for Democrats to get more votes in 2020?

Also, I’ve seen many Latino drivers in cars with out-of-state plates. What’s the time period for them to change to New York plates? They must have an address in these other states to enable them to get the plates.

Finally, will there be a fee for these licenses to be paid by these good folks, or is this something else the citizens must absorb?

God bless America! Happy Holidays!

(Barbara Niler is a West Brighton resident.)

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