Ohio Judge Robert Ruehlman calls ICE on illegal immigrants

Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman, who imposed a  homeless ban in Hamilton County

CINCINNATI – An arrest inside a Cincinnati courthouse last week prompted a political fight over whether federal immigration police should be allowed to arrest undocumented immigrants who show up for court appearances.   

Now a common pleas judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, has said that when he suspects a defendant is undocumented, he calls Immigration and Customs Enforcement himself.

Judge Robert Ruehlman told The Cincinnati Enquirer Wednesday: “They’re committing a crime by being here illegally, and then, if they’re in front of me, they’ve allegedly committed a felony.”

And how does he know someone is here illegally? If the person needs an interpreter, is accused of drug smuggling or has international connections, Ruehlman said he acts on his hunch. 

“I set a high bond and I call ICE,” he said. “I’m batting a thousand. I haven’t got one wrong yet.”

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