Letter: Immigration a cause for great concern | Letters to the Editor

States are being asked whether or not they want to allow refugees to come and live here or not. While I can understand why some people would like to come to the U.S. and start a new and better life, there is also a very dark side to this as well.

What if this whole idea is a big Trojan Horse? What if these people are part of a well trained militia? If they were to get enough of their people settled in the U.S and get them strategically placed, they could take over the U.S. without firing a shot.

Sure my grandparents came to this country in the later 1800s from Germany to seek a new and better life. But that is no comparison to what is happening now. This is a whole different scenario in a whole different day and age.

This whole immigration thing, both legal and illegal are a cause for great concern. President Trump is right for wanting to build a wall between America and Mexico. Rather than allowing more immigrants in America, we need to export the illegal ones we already have.

America could go from being the greatest nation on earth to the laughing stock of the world. President Trump is having to clean up the mess created by President Obama and his fellow shortsighted Democrats.

While Trump may be the best president we ever had, I believe he may be too lenient as to what can be termed legal or illegal.

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