Who is Owen Wilson playing in the MCU?

Feige has said that many of the characters who debut in the Disney+ corner of the MCU will eventually end up on the big screen. While this obviously doesn’t mean that every denizen of the MCU who debuts on the Mouse House’s streamer will get a feature film assignment, Wilson is a pretty big star — so it’s not too much of a reach to think that he may be portraying a character who will get some screen time in an upcoming flick such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Thor: Love and Thunder, both of which are likely to deal with at least some of the ramifications of Loki’s time-hopping fun.

Taking a look at characters associated with Thor and/or Loki who similarly enjoy meddling with time and history, one candidate stands out: Artur Zarrko, AKA Tomorrow Man. Zarrko originally hailed from Earth-6297, a peaceful, futuristic version of Earth in which all weapons and conflict had been abandoned. Seeking to dominate this world, Zarrko used his genius to create a time machine, traveling back in time to steal weapons of mass destruction, which he brought back to his time. Fortunately, this plan was foiled by Thor, who followed him back to the future and returned the WMDs to their rightful place on our regular, conflict-laden Earth.

Zarrko has at times been depicted as attempting to use his time-travel technology for more benevolent purposes, and the character could be an interesting one to throw into conflict with Loki — who, let’s not forget, will be the 2012 version of the trickster god, fresh off his attempt to conquer the Earth on behalf of Thanos. The MCU has a way of making household names of obscure characters, and Tomorrow Man could be next in line.

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