What to watch on Netflix if you love Stranger Things

Locke and Key follows the story of the three Locke siblings, who move into their old family home, known as the “Keyhouse,” after the murder of their father. But as the youngest son, Bode, quickly discovers, this is no ordinary house. One day, he begins hearing strange whispers, and the voices lead him to a key. As it turns out, he’s gotten his hands on the “Anywhere Key,” and he can use it in any door to travel somewhere that he has seen before. There are more keys awaiting discovery, and in this reality-bending house, who knows where the Locke siblings could end up?

Based on the IDW comic book series from writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke and Key is a supernatural drama that’s also a story of trauma and loss. And just like Stranger Things, there is no shortage of teenage angst and romance. The creepy sets and chilling score will have you completely immersed in the story of the Keyhouse.

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