Things only adults noticed in Dolittle

Dolittle’s travels take the doctor to an island run by Rassouli, king of the pirates, played by Antonio Banderas. It’s a rough place where thieves gather and criminals run amok. The deviancy isn’t limited to the island’s human residents, either. In Rassouli’s kingdom, even the critters are up to no good.

That comes in handy for Dolittle, who needs to break into Rassouli’s castle, and who has some contacts among the animal underworld. This comes into play in a scene in which Dolittle and Jason Mantzoukas’ dragonfly, James, bargain with an ant who acts like Don Corleone in The Godfather. Like, exactly like Don Corleone. As Dolittle bribes the insect with sugar cubes, the itty-bitty mafioso says something like, “You come to me with this on the day of my daughter’s wedding?” It’s not particularly subtle.

Of course, that leads to another adults-only gag. It turns out that James and the soon-to-be bride used to date, and the dragonfly wonders what the groom, a scorpion, has that he doesn’t. The answer? A great big, um, “stinger.” Like we said, not subtle.

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