The shady side of FaZe Jarvis

Early in January 2020, Jarvis released a rap song, earning himself the epithet of the worst rapper on YouTube. Titled “Banned 4 Life,” it details his rise to fame alongside his brother and the Fortnite ban that followed. In the video, Jarvis is seen walking around shooting a number of characters (badly) dressed as Fortnite players until he gets taken down himself.

Some people have compared the music video to the one H1ghSky1 came out with on the heels of the Tfue controversy. That song earned the dubious distinction as “the cringest and most annoying rap song there was.” The same writer called Jarvis’s song “an abomination,” citing bad lyrics and a choppy beat, and referring to the streamer as a “wannabe Drake.” Despite the disgust it has inspired, the video has racked up over 3 million views and 142,000 likes.

The song’s technical failings aside, “Banned 4 Life” pokes more holes in Jarvis’s apology. He continues to create YouTube content for his sizable fan base and the music video makes it clear he still does not understand or respect Epic’s decision to ban him. 

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