The most powerful keys in Locke & Key ranked

Want to experience life after death? Just use the Ghost Key on the big skull-adorned door in the Keyhouse study and you’re all set. Once you step through, your spirit will leave your body, which drops down dead on the floor, letting you roam around as a ghost. You can fly wherever you want. You can pass through walls and eavesdrop on others unseen. You can even talk with other spirits, provided they’re haunting the same grounds that you are.

When Sam Lesser, the teen who killed Rendell, comes to Keyhouse to attack the Locke family for a second time, the Ghost Key stops him, removing his ghost from his body and leaving him powerless. Bode also uses it to reconnect with some of his older ancestors, who tell him all about his father and his legacy.

The Ghost Key is just as much of a blessing as a curse, though. If you don’t head back through the Ghost Door, you’ll be trapped as a spirit forever. It’s also not as convenient as the Echo Key, which also lets you talk to the dead and doesn’t require you to be anywhere near a person’s final resting place. Good for a lark, and helpful when a serial killer comes visiting. Otherwise, leave this one on the keychain.

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