Schedule of Upcoming London Shows


  • Theatre: National Theatre – Lyttleton
  • First Preview: January 15, 2020
  • Opening: January 22, 2020
  • Playwright: Lucy Kirkwood
  • Director: James Macdonald
  • Cast: Nadia Albina, Natasha Cottrall, Aysha Kala, Wendy Kweh, Cecilia Noble, Philip McGinley, Maxine Peake, Dawn Sievewright, Brigid Zengeni, Ria Zmitrowicz

Rural Suffolk, 1759. As the country waits for Halley’s comet, Sally Poppy is sentenced to hang for a heinous murder. When she claims to be pregnant, a jury of 12 matrons are taken from their housework to decide whether she’s telling the truth, or simply trying to escape the noose. With only midwife Lizzy Luke prepared to defend the girl, and a mob baying for blood outside, the matrons wrestle with their new authority, and the devil in their midst.


  • Theatre: Harold Pinter Theatre
  • Fist Preview: January 14, 2020
  • Opening: January 24, 2020
  • Playwright: Anton Chekhov, adapted by Conor McPherson
  • Director: Ian Rickson
  • Cast: Toby Jones, Richard Armitage, Aimee Lou Wood, Rosalind Eleazar, Ciaran Hinds, Dearbhla Molloy, Anna Calder-Marshall, Peter Wright

Chekhov’s drama is a mixture of farce and anguish, hopeless infatuations, old grudges and ironic humor. A man and his niece have spent their lives caring for the country estate of a writer they regard as a great man. But when it becomes apparent, during one of the writer’s infrequent visits, that he’s really a failure and a nobody, Uncle Vanya and his niece painfully awaken to the fact that their lives have been wasted.

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
• First Preview: January 22, 2020
• Opening: January 28, 2020
• Playwright: Chris Bush
• Director: Caroline Byrne
• Cast: Jodie McNee, Danny Lee Wynter, Barnaby Power, Emmanuella Cole, Katherine Carlton, Alicia Charles, Tim Samuels

Faustus: That Damned Woman sees the grandiose protagonist rewritten as a woman trading sacrifices to travel across centuries and alter the fabric of history. The legend of Doctor Faustus follows the twists and turns in the demise of a scholar who – growing bored of traditional studies – sells their soul to the devil in exchange for the powers of black magic. Drawing together the famous interpretations of the Faustus myth by Marlowe and Goethe as well as a wide range of other re-imaginings, the play asks grand questions about sacrifice and legacy.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• Opening: January 29, 2020
• Playwright: Janice Okoh
• Director: Dawn Walton
• Cast: Donna Berlin, Joanna Brookes, Rebecca Charles, Dave Fishley, Shannon Hayes, Richard Teverson

An outrageous comedy drama about imperialism, cross-racial adoption, cultural appropriation and drinking tea. Brighton 1852. A day in the life of Sarah, an African girl, adopted by Queen Victoria and raised in the Queen’s circles. Today is the eve of her having to return to Africa but will she go? The Present. A day in the life of Sarah, a black middle-class woman staying in a Cheshire village with her husband and small child. They are paid a visit by well-meaning neighbours who have something to confess… The two Sarahs meet Queen Victoria for tea. This won’t be your regular tea party…

• Theatre: Royal Court Theatre- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• Opening: January 30, 2020
• Playwright: Debris Stevenson, Jammz
• Director: Ola Ince
• Cast: Jammz

Following it’s critically acclaimed premiere in 2018, this coming of age story inspired by Dizzee Rascal’s seminal album, returns for a limited run and a UK tour. In a strict Mormon household somewhere in the seam between East London and Essex, a girl is given Dizzee Rascal’s ground-breaking grime album Boy in da Corner by her best friend SS Vyper. Precisely 57 minutes and 21 seconds later, her life begins to change – from feeling muted by dyslexia to spitting the power of her words; from being conflicted about her sexuality to finding the freedom to explore; from feeling alone to being given the greatest gift by her closest friend. Step into a technicolour world where music, dance and spoken word collide, and discover how grime allowed Debris Stevenson to redefine herself.

• Theatre: The Old Vic
• First Preview: January 27, 2020
• Opening: February 4, 2020
• Playwright: Samuel Beckett
• Director: Richard Jones
• Cast: Alan Cumming, Daniel Radcliffe, Jane Horrocks, Karl Johnson

Nothing stirs outside. In a bare room, Hamm, an old, blind tyrant confined to a wheelchair, is locked in a stalemate with his servant Clov. Interrupted only by the nostalgic musings of Hamm’s ancient parents, this bleakly funny double act cling stubbornly to their routine of casual savagery and mutual dependence. Richard Jones directs Beckett’s macabre comedy in which hope and cruelty are the last things to die. Endgame will be presented in a double bill with Samuel Beckett’s rarely seen short play Rough for Theatre II, performed by members of the company.

• Theatre: Finborough Theatre
• Opening: February 4, 2020
• Playwright: Joseph Crilly
• Director: Jonathan Harden
• Cast: Helena Bereen, Gina Costigan, Julie Maguire, Kevin Murphy, Declan Rodgers, Johnny Vivash

Rural Northern Ireland, 1999. Fra Maline, proud IRA man, returns home – released early from prison under the Good Friday Agreement – and to celebrate his daughter, Theresa, throws a welcome home celebration at the local community hall on McQuillan’s Hill. But Fra is more interested in resurrecting his relationship with his secret gay lover Dessie, and behind everyone’s back, Fra’s sister, Loretta, has bought the hall and turns up ready to renovate after a twenty-year unexplained absence on the mainland. With the Good Friday Agreement in a precarious state, bitter memories, secrets from the past, and long buried lies are calamitously exposed…


  • Theatre: Almeida Theatre
  • First Preview: February 3, 2020
  • Opening: February 5, 2020
  • Playwright: Mike Bartlett
  • Director: Rupert Goold
  • Cast: Victoria Hamilton, Nigel Betts, Edyta Budnik, Wil Coban, Angel Coulby, Daisy Egar-Jones, Donal Fill, Geoffrey Freshwater, Margot Leicester, Nicholas Rowe, Helen Schlesinger

“It’s England really, isn’t it? A climate without cloud and rain isn’t honest.” In the ruins of a garden in rural England, in a house which was once a home, one woman searches for seeds of hope.


  • Theatre: Leicester Square Theatre
  • Opening: February 5, 2020
  • Book: Jonathan Harvey
  • Music: Pet Shop Boys
  • Lyrics: Bet Shop Boys
  • Director: Josh Seymour
  • Cast: Frances Barber

Billie Trix. Icon. Rock star. Screen goddess. Drug addict. Billie has lived a life of excess and shares it all in her new one-woman show. Her journey takes us from post-war Berlin to the rock arenas of the world, via the Vietnam war, Andy Warhol’s Factory, and a year in a Soho Square phone box.


  • Theatre: National Theatre – Dorfman Theatre
  • First Preview: January 31, 2020
  • Opening: February 6, 2020
  • Playwright: Clint Dyer and Roy Williams
  • Director: Clint Dyer
  • Cast: Rafe Spall

After the death of his dad, Michael is powerless and angry. In a state of heartbreak, he confronts the difficult truths about his father’s legacy and the country that shaped him. At the funeral, unannounced and unprepared, Michael decides it is time to speak

• Theatre: Hampstead Theatre
• First Preview: January 31, 2020
• Opening: February 6, 2020
• Playwright: Al Blyth
• Director: Roxana Silbert
• Cast: Lucy Black, Oliver Johnstone, Rona Morison, Enyi Okoronkwo, Sarah Woodward

Neil and Zef are two twenty-something computer whizzes with questionable dress sense and a highly developed interest in video games and Netflix. They’re also the UK’s ‘National Defence Information Security Team’ – recruited by GCHQ for their sky-high IQs and ability to work quickly and discreetly, no questions asked. With unfettered access to the world’s data and infinite powers of electronic intrusion, these unlikely agents are essential cogs in the national security machine. But when their window onto intelligence operations shows them more than they were meant to see, they begin to question their roles in a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not… Al Blyth’s explosive espionage thriller challenges the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ mantra and explores how we can live honestly, love freely, and stay authentic when the advances in cutting-edge technology outpace the law.

• Theatre: Shakespeare’s Globe- Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
• First Preview: February 1, 2020
• Opening: February 6, 2020
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Maria Gaitanidi
• Cast: Lila Clements, Mattia Mariotti, Melissa Riggall, Michelle Terry

Katharina and Bianca, the daughters of a rich man of Padua, are ready to marry. The game is simple: the youngest can be won only if the eldest finds her equal. But Katharina is strong-willed and not afraid to challenge the rules. Who will be able to rival her? The hunt is on. Accompanied by live music and song in the unique and intimate setting of the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, The Taming of the Shrew questions the essence of Man and Woman, the feminine and the masculine, and searches for answers in the realm of the wondrous.


  • Theatre: Park Theatre
  • First Preview: February 5, 2020
  • Opening: February 7,2020
  • Playwright: James McDermott
  • Director: Rob Ellis
  • Cast: Wendy Nottingham, Paul Easom, Elliot Liburd, Josh Barrow

May runs a crumbling caff on the end of Cromer Pier. Her delivery man, Ken, is running out of customers, thanks to Costa. Nemo is desperate to tread the boards in London. His unrequited love, Daz, is burying his head in the sand over his best mate leaving.

• Theatre: National Theatre – Olivier Theatre
• First Preview: January 31, 2020
• Opening: February 8, 2020
• Playwright: Tony Kusher, adapted from Friedrich Dürrenmatt
• Director: Jeremy Herrin
• Cast: Lesley Manville, Jason Barnett, Sam Cox, Richard Durden, Sara Kestelman, Joseph Mydell, Tony Turner, Douglas Walker, Hugo Weaving, Nicholas Woodeson

In the town of Slurry, New York, post-war recession has bitten. Claire Zachanassian, improbably beautiful and impenetrably terrifying, returns to her hometown as the world’s richest woman. The locals hope her arrival signals a change in their fortunes, but they soon realise that prosperity will only come at a terrible price.

• Theatre: Trafalgar Studios 2
• First Preview: Februrary 5, 2020
• Opening: February 10, 2020
• Music: Giacomo Puccini
• Director: Adam Spreadbury-Maher
• Cast: Fiona Finsbury, Honey Rouhani, Robert Barbaro, Philip Lee, Roger Paterson, Michael Georgiou, Hugo Herman Wilson

Radically distilled to sixty minutes each and sung in English, this revolutionary new production tears up the opera rule book for a whole new generation. Experience two enthralling tales of love, heartbreak and deception as they’ve never been told before in an evening suitable for newcomers and diehard fans alike. The future of Opera starts here.

• Theatre: Donmar Warehouse
• First Preview: February 6, 2020
• Opening: February 11, 2020
• Playwright: Caryl Churchill
• Director: Lyndsey Turner
• Cast: Jessica Hynes, Aisling Loftus, Simon Manyonda

In a cottage far away, a child wakes to the sound of screaming. Who will tell her what’s really going on? And where will the discoveries she makes that night take her in the years to come? Caryl Churchill’s dazzling play about a world sliding into chaos receives a new production at the Donmar, twenty years on from its explosive premiere. Lyndsey Turner directs.

• Theatre: Young Vic Theatre
• First Preview: February 6, 2020
• Opening: February 11, 2020
• Playwright: Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Stef Smith
• Director: Elizabeth Freestone
• Cast: Mark Arends, Natalie Klamar, Luke Norris, Amaka Okafor, Anna Russell-Martin, Zephryn Taitte

Ibsen’s brutal portrayal of womanhood caused outrage when it was first performed in 1879. Originally produced at Citizens Theatre, this bold new production by one of Scotland’s most exciting playwrights reframes the drama in three different time periods. The fight for women’s suffrage, the swinging sixties and modern day intertwine in this urgent, poetic play that asks how far have we really come in the past 100 years?

• Theatre: Wyndham’s Theatre
• First Preview: January 25, 2020
• Opening: February 12, 2020
• Playwright: Tom Stoppard
• Director: Patrick Marber
• Cast: Sebastian Armesto, Jenna Augen, Rhys Bailey, Jarlan Bogolubov, Faye Castelow, Joe Coen, Felicity Davidson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Clara Francis, Ilan Galkoff, Caroline Gruber, Sam Hoare, Natalie Law, Avye Leventis, Noof McEwan, Dorothea Myer-Bennett, Jake Neads, Aaron Neil, Alexander Newland, Yasmin Paige, Ramsay Robertson, Adrian Scarborough, Joshua Schneider, Sadie Shimmin Griffin Stevens, Ed Stoppard, Luke Thallon, Eleanor Wyld, Alexis Zegerman

Vienna in 1900 was the most vibrant city in Europe, humming with artistic and intellectual excitement and a genius for enjoying life. A tenth of the population were Jews. A generation earlier they had been granted full civil rights by the Emperor, Franz Josef. Consequently, hundreds of thousands had fled from the Pale and the pogroms in the East and many found sanctuary in the crowded tenements of the old Jewish quarter, Leopoldstadt. Tom Stoppard’s new play, directed by Patrick Marber, is an intimate drama with an epic sweep; the story of a family who made good. It was not to last. Half a century later, this family, like millions of others, has re-discovered what it means to be Jewish in the first half of the 20th century.


  • Theatre: Gielgud Theatre
  • First Preview: February 7, 2020
  • Opening: February 17, 2020
  • Playwright: Ben Elton
  • Director: Sean Foley
  • Cast: David Mitchell, Gemma Whelan, Helen Monks, Rob Rouse, Steve Speirs, Mark Heap, Danielle Phillips, Jason Callender, Rachel Summers

‘Tis 1605 and England’s greatest playwright is in trouble. Will Shakespeare has produced just two plays; Measure for Measure, which according to King James was incomprehensible bollingbrokes by any measure, and All’s Well That End’s Well which didn’t even end well. Will desperately needs to maketh a brilliant new play to bolster his reputation and avoid being cast aside by King and country. But Will’s personal life is encountering more dramatic twists and turns than any theatrical story he can conjure. How the futtock can a Bard be expected to find a plot for a play whilst his daughters run amok and his house is used as refuge for any old waif and stray. As time runs out, can Will hold on to his dream of being recognised now and for all time, as indisputably the greatest writer that ever lived, or will family woes thwart Will’s chances of producing his masterwork?


  • Theatre: The Other Palace
  • First Preview: February 12, 2020
  • Opening: February 18, 2020
  • Book: Joe Tracz
  • Music and Lyrics: Joe Iconis
  • Director: Stephen Brackett
  • Cast: Scott Folan, Blake Patrick Anderson, Renee Lamb, Millie O’Connell, Miracle Chance, Stewart Clarke, Eloise Davies, James Hameed, Miles Paloma, Christopher Fry, Eve Norris

What if popularity came in a pill? Would you take it, no questions asked? In Be More Chill, achieving that elusive “perfect life” is now possible thanks to some mysterious new technology-but it comes at a cost that’s not as easy to swallow


  • Theatre: Park Theatre
  • First Preview: February 12, 2020
  • Opening: February 19, 2020
  • Playwright: Jean Poiret
  • New Translation: Simon Callow
  • Director: Jez Bond
  • Cast: Paul Hunter, Michael Matus, Syrus Lowe, Arthur Hughes, Sarah Lam, Peter Straker, Mark Cameron, Simon Hepworth, Louise Bangay, Georgina Ambrey, William Nelson

Nightclub owner Georges and his dazzling drag artiste partner Albin create the most spectacular shows in St. Tropez. But when Georges’ son Laurent announces his engagement to the daughter of a notoriously right-wing politician determined to bring the curtain down on the town’s vibrant nightlife, the real performance begins. As Georges and Albin entertain their soon-to-be in laws and attempt to conceal their true nature for the sake of their son, how long can the façade last?


  • Theatre: Kiln Theatre
  • First Preview: February 13, 2020
  • Opening: February 19, 2020
  • Playwright: Antoinette Nwandu
  • Director: Indhu Rubasingham
  • Cast: Paapa Essiedu, Alexander Eliot, Gershwyn Eustache Jr.

A riff on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot following two black men killing time on a street corner when a white man enters their space

• Theatre: Dominion Theatre
• First Preview: February 5, 2020
• Opening: February 25, 2020
• Book: Philip LaZebnik
• Music and Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz
• Director: Scott Schwartz
• Cast: Luke Brady, Liam Tamne, Christine Allado, Alexia Khadime , Joe Dixon, Debbie Kurup, Gary Wilmot, Adam Pearce, Tanisha Spring, Silas Wyatt-Barke

A new stage musical based on the DreamWorks animated motion picture The Prince of Egypt is set to open in the West End at the Dominion Theatre from February 5. Featuring songs such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s hit “When You Believe” , plus “Deliver Us”, “All I Ever Wanted” and “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, The Prince of Egypt is based on the book of Exodus and tells the story of Moses, who was born a child of Israel, and brought up in Egypt after he was found by Pharoah’s wife in a wicker basket floating on the Nile.

• Theatre: Shakespeare’s Globe- Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
• First Preview: February 21, 2020
• Opening: February 27, 2020
• Playwright: Thomas Middleton
• Director: Amy Hodge
• Cast: Paul Adeyefa, Daon Broni, Helen Cripps, Tara Fitzgerald, Stephanie Jacob, Wil Johnson, Simon Kunz, Gloria Onitiri, Rachael Spence, Thalissa Teixeira, Olivia Vinall

A Woman. A Wife: Married in secret and locked away from other eyes by her new husband. Another Woman. Another Wife. A Daughter: Pressed into marriage and duped into her uncle’s bed. A third Woman. A Widow. An Aunt. A Sister: Knows how to operate in a man’s world. How do you navigate a society in which women are consciously and unconsciously commodified, coerced and controlled? Women Beware Women is an enduringly relevant exploration of gender power dynamics that uncovers the savage underbelly of desire, lust and ambition through the prism of the flamboyant Florentine court.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• First Preview: February 25, 2020
• Opening: February 27, 2020
• Playwright: Sally Abbott
• Director: Kathy Burke and Scott Graham
• Cast: Chizzy Akudolu, Charlotte Bate, Polly Frame, Caleb Roberts, Simone Saunders, Andrew Turner

Frantic Assembly are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a brand new production, I Think We Are Alone by Sally Abbott, co-directed by Kathy Burke and Scott Graham. From those electric moments of discovery and connection to the dark hours of isolation, we all seek connection and resolution. But sometimes what connects us is what we need to escape from. I Think We Are Alone is a delicate and uplifting play about our fragility, resilience and our need for love and forgiveness.

• Theatre: Piccadilly Theatre
• First Preview: February 14, 2020
• Opening: March 1, 2020
• Music and Lyrics: Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance
• Book: Garry Marshall and J.F. Lawton
• Director: Jerry Mitchell
• Cast: Aimie Atkinson, Danny Mac, Rachael Wooding, Bob Harms, Neil McDermott, Mark Holden

Based on the hit film, Pretty Women is a modern Cinderella story. A businessman hires an escort to spend the weekend with him, but before long, the two learn that their connection goes beyond a simple transaction.


  • Theatre: Duke Of York’s Theatre
  • Opening: March 5, 2020
  • Playwright: Noel Coward
  • Diector: Richard Eyre
  • Cast: Jennifer Saunders

Researching material for a new novel, Charles engages Madame Arcati, a spiritual medium of uncertain talent, to conduct a séance in his home. Quite by accident, she summons the spirit of Charles’s first wife and cannot make the disruptive spirit go away.


  • Theatre: Garrick Theatre
  • First Preview: March 5, 2020
  • Opening: March 6,2020
  • Book: Larry Gelbart
  • Music: Cy Coleman
  • Lyrics: David Zippel
  • Director: Josie Rourke
  • Cast: Vanessa Williams, Rosalie Craig, Hadley Fraser, Theo James, Rebecca Trehearn, Marc Elliot, Nicola Roberts, Jonathan Slinger

A “film noir” musical about a writer named Stein, whose main fictional character, a hard-boiled detective named Stone, seems to have a much more interesting life than his creator does. As their stories move in parallel, Stone tries to solve a murder mystery while Stein tries to get his love life in order. In the finale, the two realize “I’m Nothing Without You.” Each song in the score slyly recalls the style of a different 40s big band.

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
• First Preview: March 5, 2020
• Opening: March 11, 2020
• Playwright: Mike Bartlett
• Director: Rachel O’Riordan
• Cast: Rachael Stirling, Nicholas Burns, Patrick Knowles, Isabella Laughland, Mike Noble

What happens when the children you think you’ve done everything for, believe you haven’t done enough? A family go to war over their personal politics in Mike Bartlett’s funny and scathing look at the opposing values of two very different generations. Rachel O’Riordan directs a major revival of this award-winning play that feels more relevant than ever.


  • Theatre: Playhouse Theatre
  • Opening: March 11, 2020
  • Playwright: Anton Chekhov
  • Director: Jamie Lloyd
  • Cast: Emilia Clarke

Chekhov’s beautifully observed play about the tensions between mothers, sons, lovers, friends, relatives, and servants. Famous actress Irina Arkadina is obsessed with a callous lover; dismissive of her frustrated son, her brother and her former lovers; and suspicious of an admiring young woman.

• Theatre: Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: March 4, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: E.V. Crowe
• Director: Vicky Featherstone
• Cast: TBA

Viv has lost a shoe. They’re her work shoes, her weekend shoes, her only pair of shoes, and she doesn’t know what to do. Viv has lost a shoe. They’re her work shoes, her weekend shoes, her only pair of shoes, and she doesn’t know what to do.


  • Theatre: Menier Chocolate Facotry
  • First Preview: March 13, 2020
  • Opening: March 23, 2020
  • Playwright: Paula Vogel
  • Director: Rebecca Taichman
  • Cast: TBA

Inspired by the true events surrounding the controversial 1923 Broadway debut of Sholem Asch’s The God of Vengeance—a play seen by some as a seminal work of Jewish culture, and by others as an act of traitorous libel—Indecent charts the history of an incendiary drama and the path of the artists who risked their careers and lives to perform it.


  • Theatre: Boulevard Theatre
  • First Preview: March 19, 2020
  • Opening: March 24, 2020
  • Playwright: Lucy Prebble
  • Director: Anthony Neilson
  • Cast: TBA

Hearts racing. Minds reeling. Knees buckling. Connie and Tristan have palpable chemistry—or is it a side effect of a new antidepressant? They are volunteers in a clinical trial, but their sudden and illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to face off over the ethical consequences of their work. The Effect takes on our pill-popping culture with humor and scintillating drama.


  • Theatre: National Theatre – Dorfman
  • First Preview: March 18, 2020
  • Opening: March 26, 2020
  • Playwright: Francesca Martinez
  • Director: Ian Rickson
  • Cast: Francesca Martinez, Chris Anderson, Lucy Briers, Crystal Condie, Bryan Dick, Kevin Hely, Francesca Mills, Wanda Opalinska

Jess has a job she loves, great friends and a sharp sense of humour. So, when the life she has worked hard to build is threatened, she decides to take a stand. This powerful and timely drama explores life, love and the struggle to survive for those who don’t fit in during a time of austerity.


  • Theatre: Park Theatre
  • First Preview: March 25, 2020
  • Opening: March 30, 2020
  • Playwright: Bruce Norris
  • Director: Oliver Kaderbhai
  • Cast: TBA

Borrowing elements from Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, Bruce Norris’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play explores race relations and gentrification in the changing face of a Chicago neighborhood.


  • Theatre: Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre
  • First Previw: March 21, 2020
  • Opening: March 31, 2020
  • Book: Michael Burdette
  • Music: Robert Scott & Brendan Cull
  • Lyrics: Robert Scott & Brendan Cull
  • Director: Morgan Young
  • Cast: Michael D. Xavier, Kimberley Walsh, Soo Douet, Gay Soper, Alex Fobbester, Dylan Turner, Vicki Davids, Michael Carolan, Jobe Hart, Charlie Bull, Charlotte Gale, Matt Holland, Joanna Rennie, Tyler Smith, Annette Yeo

Sleepless is the enchanting new romantic musical comedy based on the original story and screenplay of the romcom classic Sleepless In Seattle. Sleepless tells the heart-warming tale of Sam, who moves to Seattle with his eight year-old son, Jonah, following the tragic death of his wife. When Jonah phones a radio show, Sam is forced to talk about his broken heart and sleepless nights live on air, and he suddenly finds himself one of the most sought after single men in America and a great news story for feisty journalist Annie on the opposite side of the country. Can Jonah bring the two together on the top deck of the Empire State Building? A fresh and lively book alongside a brand-new musical score bring this most timeless of romantic comedies to life on stage.


  • Theatre: Almeida Theatre
  • First Preview: March 30, 2020
  • Opening: April 9, 2020
  • Playwright: Jeremy O. Haris
  • Director: Danya Taymor
  • Cast: TBA

Franklin, a young black artist on the verge of his first show, meets Andre, an older white art collector, and before long their feverish link deepens into an irresistible bond. But when Franklin’s Christian mother decides that her son is in peril, she enters into a battle of wills with Andre over the soul of the man they both call baby. Basquiats and Birkins, gospel and pop, and fantasy and reality collide around a Bel Air swimming pool in this deeply surreal exploration of intimacy and identity.


  • Theatre: National Theatre – Lyttelton
  • First ThPreview: April 7, 2020
  • Opening: April 15, 2020
  • Playwright: Moira Buffini
  • Director: Fiona Buffini
  • Cast: Nancy Carroll, Ben Daniels, Michele Austin, Peter Bray, Gillian Dean, Amy Forrest, David Hargreaves, Edward Judge, Shaniqua Okwok, Eliot Salt

A violent storm sweeps the coast. Diana Stuckley and her daughter are struggling to keep the roof on their run-down manor house, when neighbours and strangers begin to appear on their doorstep, seeking shelter from the floods. One of these unexpected arrivals is Ted Farrier, the charismatic leader of a right-wing organisation: he could be Diana’s saviour – or pull the fragile household to pieces. Stranded together, this explosive mix of people must survive the weather, and each other.


  • Theatre: Barbican Theatre
  • Opening: April 16, 2020
  • Playwright: Ramsey Nasr, adapted from Thomas Mann
  • Director: Ivo van Hove
  • Cast: Achraf Koutet, Aus Greidanus Jr, Marieke Heebink, Ramsey Nasr, Steven van Watermeulen

When an older writer arrives in 1911 Venice, he finds himself powerfully, perhaps tragically, drawn to a beautiful youth. Death in Venice is a magnificent examination of the nature of beauty and the limitless capacity of the spirit.

4000 MILES

  • Theatre: Old Vic Theatre
  • First Preview: April 6, 2020
  • Opening: April 17, 2020
  • Playwright: Amy Herzog
  • Director: Matthew Warchus
  • Cast: Eileen Atkins, Timothée Chalamet

After losing his best friend while they were on a cross-country bike trip, 21 year-old Leo seeks solace from his feisty 91 year-old grandmother in her West Village apartment.


  • Theatre: Duke Of York’s Theatre
  • Opening: April 20, 2020
  • Playwright: Robert Icke, adapted from Arthur Schnitzler
  • Director: Robert Icke
  • Cast: Juliet Stevenson

First. Do no harm. On an ordinary day, at a private hospital, a young woman fights for her life. A priest arrives to save her soul. Her doctor refuses him entry. In a divisive time, in a divided nation, society takes sides.

• Theatre: Young Vic Theatre
• First Preview: April 14, 2020
• Opening: April 21, 2020
• Words, Music and Libretto: Nmon Ford
• Director: Charles Randolph- Wright
• Cast: Nmon Ford

Blurring the lines of opera, house music and theatre, Nmon Ford’s Orfeus makes its World Premiere at the Young Vic, directed by Charles Randolph-Wright. Set in the near future, this unique production blends music genres and performance into a timeless version of Ovid’s legend. Orfeus confronts his true nature to save the beautiful poet Euridice from his father Pluto, the fascist ruler of a dystopian empire. Grammy award-winning Nmon Ford plays Orfeus.

• Theatre: Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
• First Preview: April 18, 2020
• Opening: April 23, 2020
• Playwright: Sophocles, translated by Seamus Heaney
• Director: Roy Alexander Wise
• Cast: TBA

This epic tale of humanity versus leadership centres on a young woman with the courage to defend her beliefs – whatever the cost. Roy Alexander Weise directs Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney’s bold translation of Sophocles’ Antigone, in a large scale production featuring a chorus of young performers from the Lyric Ensemble.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• First Preview: April 18, 2020
• Opening: April 24, 2020
• Playwright: Nadia Fall
• Director: Nadia Fall
• Cast: TBA

Ava is a twenty-something Londoner. Following the death of her estranged father, she journeys to Iran in search of his past and her extended family. Exploring the rich culture and thriving art scene of this oft misunderstood country, Ava is swept into a world of raves, raids and illicit love, all whilst negotiating family politics, Tehran traffic and the morality police. Based on real-life testimonials, this new play by Nadia Fall offers a tender and witty snapshot of modern life in Iran.


  • Theatre: National Theatre – Olivier
  • First Preview: April 15, 2020
  • Opening: April 28, 2020
  • Playwright: Richard Bean and Oliver Chris
  • Director: Thea Sharrock
  • Cast: James Corrigan, Laurie Davidson, Richard Fleeshman, Jordan Metcalfe, Caroline Quentin, Natalie Simpson, Helena Wilson

July 1940. After an aerial dog fight, Pilot Officer Jack Absolute flies home to rejoin his intrepid young Hurricane squadron at RAF Fontwell (formerly Malaprop Hall). Back on British soil, Jack is shocked to find his old flame, Lydia, on the base. Setting his sights on winning her heart, Jack’s advances turn to anarchy when the young heiress demands to be loved on her own terms.

• Theatre: London Coliseum
• First Preview: April 23, 2020
• Opening: April 29, 2020
• Book: Thomas Meehan and Mark O’Donnell
• Music: Marc Shaiman
• Lyrics: Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
• Director: Jack O’Brien
• Cast: Michael Ball, Lizzie Bea, Marisha Wallace

Look who’s back! Don’t miss Michael Ball reprising his Olivier Award-winning role as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray the Musical. The huge-hearted, smash-hit musical arrives at the magnificent London Coliseum from next April for a strictly limited 12-week season. From the original award-winning creative team of director Jack O’Brien and choreographer Jerry Mitchell, and featuring the infectiously feel-good songs “Good Morning Baltimore”, “You Can’t Stop the Beat” and “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” this inspirational, fun-loving and fabulously uplifting musical sensation is back and bigger than ever.

• Theatre: Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: April 2, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Al Smith
• Director: Hamish Pirie
• Cast: TBA

A leading British doctor with a radical plan to save the NHS and a Silicon Valley billionaire with a radical plan to halt climate change, meet outside an abandoned train on a salt flat in South America. A landscape so bright in its whiteness that it isn’t easy to look at, and so uninterrupted in its flatness there’s no echo. For Kimsa and his daughter who live there, the arrival of these strangers initially seems like an opportunity. Until they both stake their claim on the land, each following their ruthless pursuit of ‘the greater good’.

• Theatre Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: April 9, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Sami Ibrahim
• Director: Omar Elerian
• Cast: TBA

The year is 2024, and Reem and her husband Sayeed are here to share a ‘Serious Play about Palestine’. Things are tense. People are on the edge. The Third Intifada is right around the corner. But on a contested piece of land near their village of Beit al-Qadir, this couple is about to go dogging. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to laugh.


  • Theatre: Kiln Theatre
  • First Preview: April 22, 2020
  • Opening: April 28, 2020
  • Playwright: Hannah Khalil
  • Director: Erica Whyman
  • Cast: TBA

In 1926, the nation of Iraq is in its infancy, and British archaeologist Gertrude Bell is founding a museum in Baghdad. In 2006, Ghalia Hussein is attempting to reopen the museum after looting during the war. Decades apart, these two women share the same goals: to create a fresh sense of unity and nationhood, to make the world anew through the museum and its treasures. But in such unstable times, questions remain. Who is the museum for? Whose culture are we preserving? And why does it matter when people are dying?


Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical Cinderella is reconceived in a new dramatic context, featuring a new book by Douglas Carter Beane.


  • Theatre: Park Theatre
  • FirstPreview: May 6, 2020
  • Opening: May 12, 2020
  • Playwright: Archie Maddocks
  • Director: Michael Buffong
  • Cast: TBA

A pub. A funeral parlour. An urban-zen enoteca and conscious eatery. One building in Brixton tells the story of London’s changing communities over three very different generations. Trinidadian funeral director Clarence and fifth generation pub owner George don’t want things to change. But everything around them is changing. Do they adapt to survive? Or stay true to their roots and risk it all… family, tradition, business?

• Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
• Opening: May 16, 2020
• Music and Lyrics: Douglas Hodge
• Book: Zinnie Harris
• Director: Timothy Sheader
• Cast: TBA

Based on Dodie Smith’s iconic story set in the heart of Regent’s Park, this new musical is written by Zinnie Harris and Douglas Hodge.


  • Theatre: Almeida Theatre
  • First Preview: May 18, 2020
  • Opening: May 26,2020
  • Playwright: Beth Steel
  • Director: Blanche McIntyre
  • Cast: TBA

The House Of Shades spans five decades of the lives, and deaths, of the Webster family. Inside their home, set against the ever-changing industrial landscape of working-class Britain, some chase dreams of a brighter future, and others are haunted by the nightmares of the past.

• Theatre Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: May 20, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Pablo Manzi, Translated by William Gregory
• Director: Sam Pritchard
• Cast: TBA

A lecturer in Chile. A study group in the USA. A torture instructor in Argentina. A hangman in Mexico. A woman who won’t stop dancing in Paraguay. Pablo Manzi’s darkly comic odyssey across the Americas explores whether violence brings us closer together and what it takes to walk past on the other side of the street. Developed on a residency at the Royal Court in 2017, A Fight Against…marks the English language debut of one of Chile’s most significant new voices.


  • Theate: Park Teatre
  • First Preview:May 27, 2020
  • Opening: June 1, 2020
  • Playwright: Shamia Chalabi & Sarah Henley
  • Director: TBA
  • Cast: TBA

Meet Ashraf – an Egyptian, Muslim, taxi driver – and Shazia, his half Egyptian, half Wigan daughter…who is more interested in last call at the bar, than the call to prayer. Following Ashraf’s trusty taxi, we witness Wigan at its finest – fancy-dress bingo, driving lessons, ex-wives, meddling uncles, hot sauce and plenty of bad karaoke. Full of heart, this father-daughter story contrasts moments of pure joy and silliness with ones that’ll have you reaching for your Kleenex – juggling Allah and Aldi, mosques and mojitos and of course – burkas and bacon butties.

• Theatre: Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: May 29, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Alistair McDowall
• Director: Vicky Featherstone
• Cast: TBA

1863. An asylum. A woman locked in a windowless cell, with no memory as to who she is, or how she arrived there. When spiritualist medium Mrs Lyall requires a new assistant, this nameless woman seems the perfect candidate. But as the woman’s past begins to reveal itself, so do new powers neither are prepared for. The Glow was the 2018 Pinter Commission, an award given annually by Lady Antonia Fraser to support a new commission at the Royal Court Theatre.


  • Theatre: Barbican Theatre
  • Opening: June 5, 2020
  • Playwright: Tennessee Williams
  • Director: Ivo van Hove
  • Cast: Isabelle Huppet, Justine Bachelet, Cyril Guei, Nahuel Perez Biscayart

Tennessee Williams’s autobiographical “memory play” looks at the WIngfield family—frustrated writer Tom, his nagging mother, Amanda, who is often lost in memories of her Southern-belle past, and his painfully shy sister, Laura—and the effect a visit from a “gentleman caller” for Laura has on all their lives.


  • Theatre: Boulevard Theatre
  • First Peview: June 4, 2020
  • Opening: June 9, 2020
  • Playwright: Athol Fugard
  • Director: Yaël Farber
  • Cast: TBA

Athol Fugard’s drama set in 1965 South Africa, about the uneasy reunion of a brother and his estranged sister who returns home as her father is dying.


  • Theatre: Kiln Theatre
  • First Preview: June 4, 2020
  • Opening: June 10, 2020
  • Playwright: Richard Cameron
  • Director: Kate Wasserberg
  • Cast: TBA

It’s the Summer of 1962. The hard-working, hard-drinking members of the Edlington Miners’ Glee Club are preparing for their local gala. But as times change, they realise that the ‘good old days’ may not last forever.


  • Theatre: Gielgud Theatre
  • First Preview: May 21, 2020
  • Opening: June 11, 2020
  • Playwright: Aaron Sorkin
  • Director: Bartlett Sher
  • Cast: Rhys Ifans

Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice.

• Theatre: Savoy Theatre
• Opening: June 11, 2020
• Book: James Lapine
• Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
• Director: Sarna Lapine
• Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Annaleigh Ashford

Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford are set to reprise their roles in Stephen Sondheim’s musical Sunday in the Park with George, which transfers to the West End’s Savoy Theatre following Broadway success in 2017. With a book by James Lapine, the musical is inspired by the French painter Georges Seurat and his work titled ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’. The story concerns a character called George, a fictionalised version of the artist, who immerses himself in the painting.


  • Theatre:Playhouse Theatre
  • First Preview: June 10, 2020
  • Opening: June 18, 2020
  • Playwright: Henrik Ibsen
  • Director: Jamie Lloyd
  • Cast: Jessica Chastain

Nora Helmer, a childlike wife and mother accustomed to an existence built around her husband Torvald, comes to confront the truth of her marriage, in Henrik Ibsen’s groundbreaking 1879 play.

• Theatre: Theatre Royal Stratford East
• First Preview: June 19, 2020
• Opening: June 25, 2020
• Playwright: Roy WIlliams
• Director: Roy Alexander Weise
• Cast: TBA

Leon and Troy are best mates trying to figure out their place in the world amid mounting unemployment and simmering racial tensions. After finding solace in Charlie’s gym, they start forging their path into the ruthless world of professional boxing. Roy Williams’ bruising play examines what it was like to be a young black man in 1980s Britain and asks, how can you fight a system that’s desperate to see you fail?


An obscure and ambitious actress becomes the powerful and controversial first lady of Argentina.

• Theatre: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
• Opening: June 27, 2020
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Kimberley Sykes
• Cast: TBA

Set in Verona, where the rival houses of Capulet and Montague have had a long-standing feud, Romeo And Juliet is Shakespeare’s famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers, filled with all the passion of young love.

• Theatre: The Old Vic
• First Preview: June 18, 2020
• Opening: June 30, 2020
• Book: Bill Forsyth and David Greig
• Music and Lyrics: Mark Knopfler
• Director: John Crowley
• Cast: TBA

Ambitious Texan oil executive Mac MacIntyre arrives in Scotland on a mission to buy a small seaside village and replace it with a refinery. It’s the deal of a lifetime, but Mac soon finds that putting a price on this beautiful spot is more complicated than he bargained for. Before the locals get rich, they must decide what their home is worth. The hit comedy film Local Hero takes to the stage as John Crowley directs a new musical adaptation by Bill Forsyth and David Greig with music and songs by the legendary Mark Knopfler.

• Theatre: Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: June 29, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Sarah Hanly
• Director: Alice Fitzgerald
• Cast: TBA

Sinéad Murphy has learnt to orgasm with an electric toothbrush; she’s getting together with boys in car parks at church discos; and she’s doing so well in exams, her teachers think she’s cheating. She’s also struggling to manage a big secret, and there’s only one person she can talk to about it. Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks is written and performed by Sarah Hanly, and directed by Alice Fitzgerald.


  • Theatre: London Palladium
  • Opening: July 2, 2020
  • Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Book and Lyrics: Tim Rice
  • Director: Laurence Connor
  • Cast: Jac Yarrow, Jason Donovan

Following a triumphant sold-out season, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will return to The London Palladium for a strictly limited season of just 77 performances in summer 2020. Released as a concept album in 1969, the stage version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has become one of the worlds most beloved family musicals. The multi-award-winning show, which began life as a small scale school concert, has been performed hundreds of thousands of times including multiple runs in the West End and on Broadway, international number one tours, and productions in over 80 countries as far afield as Austria and Zimbabwe and from Israel to Peru. The show features songs that have gone on to become pop and musical theatre standards, including Any Dream Will Do, Close Every Door To Me, Jacob and Sons, There’s One More Angel In Heaven and Go, Go, Go, Joseph.


  • Theatre: Wyndham’s Theatre
  • First Peview: June 22, 2020
  • Opening: July 9, 2020
  • Playwright:Lolita Chakrabarti
  • Director: Max Webster
  • Cast: TBA

After a cargo ship sinks in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, there are five survivors stranded on a lifeboat – a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, a Royal Bengal tiger, and a sixteen year-old boy named Pi. Time is against them, nature is harsh, who will survive?

• Theatre: Young Vic Theatre
• First Preview: July 6, 2020
• Opening: July 10, 2020
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Greg Hersov
• Cast: Cush Jumbo

Cush Jumbo makes her Young Vic debut as a new kind of Hamlet for this generation. Following a succession of award-winning productions together, she reunites with her long-time collaborator, director Greg Hersov, to bring us Shakespeare’s great tragedy about power, politics and desire, reimagined for today.


  • Theatre: Roundhouse
  • Opening: July 17, 2020
  • Book: Sabrina Dhawan and Arpita Mukherjee
  • Lyrics: Masi Asare and Susan Birkenhead
  • Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Director: Mira Nair and Stephen Whitson
  • Cast: TBA

The perfect storm starts brewing when family members from around the world descend on Delhi for a nonstop four-day celebration of an arranged marriage between a modern upper-middle-class Indian family’s only daughter and an American guy she’s never met. But the bride is having an affair, her father’s financial troubles deepen, and dark family secrets surface. The forecast calls for drama, love, hope, laughs, and a whole lot of rain.


  • Theatre: Park Theatre
  • First Preview: July 15, 2020
  • Opening: July 23, 2020
  • Director: Alexandra Rutter
  • Cast: TBA

Rainy season. Tokyo. Akizuki is skipping class; Yukino should be at work. When a student and an older woman seeking solace in a Japanese garden meet by chance, their mutual feelings of alienation draw them together. But a truth is about to be uncovered. The friendship that could save them might also ruin them…


  • Theatre: Curve Theatre
  • First Preview: July 15, 2020
  • Opening: July 23, 2020
  • Book: Paul Blake
  • Music: Cole Porter
  • Lyrics: Cole Porter
  • Director: Nikolai Foster
  • Cast: TBA

A chance encounter with an American reporter sends the royal rebel on a scooter ride through Rome. Whilst Princess Ann enjoys her first taste of freedom – his first thought is a career-changing tabloid scoop at the Princess’s expense.

• Theatre: Sadler’s Wells
• Opening: July 24, 2020
• Book: Betty Comden and Adolph Green
• Music: Nacio Herb Brown
• Lyrics: Arthur Freed
• Director: Jonathan Church
• Cast: Adam Cooper

Song-and-dance legend, Adam Cooper, reprises the iconic role made so famous by Gene Kelly in Jonathan Church’s critically acclaimed production of Singin’ in the Rain. A smash-hit at Chichester Festival Theatre and in the West End, this irresistibly charming show returns to London in 2020 to make a summer splash! Andrew Wright’s high-energy choreography and Simon Higlett’s sumptuous set design (including over 14,000 litres of water on stage every night) combine with the charm, romance and wit of one of the world’s best- loved films. Singin’ in the Rain features the glorious MGM score including “Good Morning”, “Make ‘em Laugh”, “Moses Supposes” and the legendary “Singin’ in the Rain”.

• Theatre Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
• First Preview: July 16, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Alesha Harris
• Director: Ola Ince
• Cast: TBA

When a letter arrives from the mother they thought was dead, twins Racine and Anaia travel from the Dirty South to the California desert and a yellow house with teal shutters. They are on a mission to avenge her past and ready to take down anyone who stands in their way. Aleshea Harris’ award-winning play collides the ancient, the modern, the tragic, the spaghetti Western, hip-hop and Afropunk.

• Theatre: Royal Court- Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
• First Preview: July 20, 2020
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Jude Christian
• Director: Ekayce Ismail
• Cast: TBA

This is a personal response to the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, otherwise known as the Rape of Nanking. British Chinese writer/performer Jude Christian tells a story about belonging anywhere and no where at once, and looks at how our lives are shaped by history. In an explosive time for political discourse around the world, Nanjing asks: what does it mean to fight hatred and love one another? Nanjing is set in England, China, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, the USA and the Isle of Man. It comes to the Royal Court as part of a tour of the seven countries which make up its story.


  • Theatre: Eventim Apollo
  • Opening: July 29, 2020
  • Book: Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, Douglas Carter Beane
  • Lyrics: Glenn Slater
  • Music: Alan Menken
  • Director: TBA
  • Cast: Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Saunders

When disco singer Deloris Van Cartier is placed in protective custody in a dying convent, her unique brand of funk comes face-to-face with the traditions of the church. Someone’s habits are about to change.
Based on the Touchstone Pictures motion picture Sister Act, written by Joseph Howard.

• Theatre: Apollo Theatre
• Opening: July 30, 2020
• Closing: August 29, 2020
• Playwright: Terry Deary, Neal Foster, and Ciaran McConville
• Cast: TBA

We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead! So Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain is back with a brand-new show full of crazy new characters and rude new rulers from Britain’s barmy past! Will you conquered by King William? Will you sink or swim with King Henry I? Will Thomas Becket get the chop? Go house hunting with King Henry VIII! Are you scared to scale the Tudor scaffold? Join the gorgeous Georgians as they take over England! Break into Buckingham Palace and hide from the Queen! Watch out for the witch of World War Two! It’s history with the nasty bits left in!

• Theatre: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
• Opening: July 31, 2020
• Music: Richard Rodgers
• Libretto: Oscar Hammerstein II
• Director: Timothy Sheader
• Cast: TBA

Free-spirit carnival barker Billy Bigelow’s love for the curiously soulful Julie Jordan persists beyond the circles of time. Includes the songs “If I Loved You,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” and “Soliloquy (My Boy Bill).” Based on the drama Liliom by Ferenc Molnar.

• Theatre: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre
• Opening: August 11, 2020
• Playwright: Derek Bond
• Director: Derek Bond and Laura Cubitt
• Cast: TBA

Calling all brave heroes! Enter into a magical world of myths and legends in this fantastical new interactive show for all the family. Unveil a myriad of dark secrets and come face to face with some of the most magnificent monsters and terrifying beasts ever to walk the earth. Discover the colossal Stone Troll, the mysterious Indrik and Japanese Baku; the Tooth Fairy (not as sweet as you’d think), an adorable Unicorn and majestic Griffin. Take your place among legendary heroes, just don’t wake the Dragon…


  • Theatre: Nottingham Playhouse
  • First Preview: July 3, 2020
  • Opening: August 11, 2020
  • Book: Stuart Paterson
  • Music: George Stiles
  • Lyrics: Anthony Drewe
  • Director: Trevor Nunn
  • Cast: TBA

The twin-sational new musical based on the novel The Parent Trap by Erich Kästner. The classic story of twin girls separated at birth, reunited by chance at a summer camp ten years later. In an attempt to get to know their parents and reconcile the two halves of their family, they decide to swap places and live each other’s lives.


  • Theatre: Adelphi Theatre
  • First Preview: August 11,2020
  • Opening: August 27, 2020
  • Book: Michael Stewart
  • Music: Jerry Herman
  • Lyrics: Jerry Herman
  • Director: Dominic Cooke
  • Cast: Imelda Staunton, Jenna Russell, Andy Nyman

High-spirited matchmaker Dolly Gallagher Levi helps three sets of young people find romance, while angling to win for herself the “well-known half-a-millionaire” Horace Vandergelder. Based on Thornton Wilder’s “The Matchmaker,” this long-running musical includes the songs “Before the Parade Passes By,” “It Only Takes a Moment,” and the title song.


  • Theatre: Newcastle Theatre Royal
  • Opening: September 5, 2020
  • Book: Ed Curtis
  • Score: The Drifters
  • Director: Jonathan Church
  • Cast: Beverley Knight

The story of Faye Treadwell, the legendary manager of The Drifters, who, alongside her husband, fought for three decades to turn Atlantic Records’ hottest vocal group into a global phenomenon.


  • Theatre: Boulevard Theatre
  • First Preview: September 16, 2020
  • Opening: September 22, 2020
  • Playwright: Billy Roche
  • Director: Kathy Burke
  • Cast: TBA

Meet the Cavalcaders – Terry, Rory, Ted and Josie – three generations of Barber shop singers from small-town Ireland. These likely lads spend their days mending shoes and their nights as singers of local legend, holding court on the charity circuit. This is the story of their lives, their loves, their betrayals and their memories.

• Theatre: Young Vic
• First Preview: September 16, 2020
• Opening: September 22, 2020
• Playwright: Marina Carr
• Director: Caroline Byrne
• Cast: Ruth Negga

Academy Award-nominee Ruth Negga makes her Young Vic debut as Portia Coughlan in Marina Carr’s haunting play, directed by Caroline Byrne. Portia Coughlan is a profound and disturbing story about love and kinship, examining how the history of the family is the history of a nation.


  • Theatre: Garrick Theatre
  • Opening: October 1, 2020
  • Book: Ed Curtis
  • Score: The Drifters
  • Director: Jonathan Church
  • Cast: Beverley Knight

The story of Faye Treadwell, the legendary manager of The Drifters, who, alongside her husband, fought for three decades to turn Atlantic Records’ hottest vocal group into a global phenomenon.

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