Persona 5 Royal release date, trailer, platforms, more

Persona fansite Persona Central has shared and translated portions of a review of Persona 5 Royal from Japanese site Famitsu. This review commends the game on its introduction of new characters and environments. Famitsu also noted that some of the clunkier bits of gameplay from the original version of Persona 5 have been smoothed out, resulting in a more balanced experience. Interestingly, Famitsu scored Persona 5 Royal at 37/40, which is just below its score for the original game, which was a near-perfect 39/40.

While Famitsu seemed keen on the game, that hasn’t been the case across the board. Some fans who have played the Japanese release of the game have expressed disappointment in regards to the game’s new content. According to them, they feel there aren’t enough additions to justify Royal being a separate release, rather than a DLC or update for the base game.

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